Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summery Summary

I stole that title from another blog ^^. I'm not that creative ;)

This is random, but I've found some of the most uh-may-zing deals at our local Wal-Mart. My favorite find to date was a brand new $25 Lightning McQueen bike. When I call my sister Lynnie at night, she knows right away where I am, because if I find a crazy deal I always call her to see if she wants in haha! Anyway, last week, we were at Wal-Mart and there was this whole clearance aisle down the middle of the main walkway. The signs on the bins said 50% off, and I thought that meant the marked price was 50% off the original. I grabbed a few things and went to pay for them--and they rang up for an additional 50% off the sticker price! I'd grabbed a few pairs of work pants for Ryan and they were $1! Lila shoes were $2.50! Madness. I went back and got more, of course, and then called my friend Karinne and got some shoes for her, too!

Our garden grew! We had a super successful strawberry plant, a crazy successful tomato plant, oregano and basil that are still growing well, and a somewhat disappointing zucchini plant. The zucchini totally faked us out--the plant was growing amazingly and blossoming and then we only got one actual zucchini. Oh well--maybe next year! The tomatoes and strawberries were delicious, though, and I'm enjoying having fresh herbs!

Lila likes to match me, and anytime her knee "hurts" she says, "Oh! I have a hurt knee just like you!" Then she comes and puts her leg right next to mine. One day, she decided to try on my knee brace. She thought she was pretty legit. And yes, my knee is still lame.

Reed had an emoji day at school last month and we made an emoji shirt for him to wear. One day for M and A, we didn't have any ideas on what to do--so we made Asher an emoji night shirt! He had a ton of fun making it and it turned out great. Lila, of course, wanted to make an emoji shirt, too, so the next day we made one for her!

The boys have been trying to get their picture in the lego magazine. Asher entered the summer fun challenge and literally asked every day from May 16 to June 15 when June 15 was, because that was the end of the contest. He was positive he was going to win. We haven't heard anything--and the most recent magazine didn't announce the winners yet--so I'm not so sure he did win. But he had fun trying! Below is their 2D chick.

Mandi was in town for a day on her way to California. We took her to Wet N' Wild! Mandi loves water slides and roller coasters so it was really fun to take her. It was kind of a busy day, so we didn't do quite as much as we would have liked, but we did get to take her on all our favorites!

Speaking of Wet N' Wild, we decided to get a little bit crazy and get season passes this year! I feel like an official Las Vegan now. In mid-June, Ryan saw a promo on facebook--at Wet N' Wild, you could buy a day and get the rest of the season free, which meant season passes would on be $40 each! We decided it was too good a deal to pass up and went for it. We've been at least once a week since then and have been having a lot of fun. Each kid has gotten to go on a date to Wet N' Wild--Ryan took the boys separately and I took Lila--and they've especially loved those outings. The boys are tall enough to ride a slide together this summer, so when we are all there together either Ryan or I stays with Lila in the kid section and the other adult takes the boys to a slide. The boys ride together and the adult goes down solo. It's worked out great so far!

I never take my phone to Wet N' Wild because I'm afraid it will either get ruined (water) or stolen. One day, though, in the midst of some craziness, I was needing to be able to be in contaxt with Ryan, so I took my phone with me. It did not get ruined or stolen, happily, and I did take advantage of having my phone with me and snapped a few photos!

A McDonald's trip after Wet N' Wild

At Wet N' Wild, you can ride almost every slide if you are 42". There are two slides, though, that require you to be 48". Every time we've gone, Reed has been just shy of 48". But last week, they gave him a 48" wrist band. What?! We rode the two biggest slides to celebrate. One of those slides I'd never ridden, either, because I'm a pansy. We rode it together and we were both brave enough to make it down!!

One day the Gourlies invited us over to swim in their blow-up pool! Ty is Asher's age and Avery and Lila (twins) are Lila's age! The two Lilas like have matching names--Lila Jae and Lila Jane! The kids had a ton of fun playing in the water and Carolyn and I had a great time just chatting.

One of the summer activities at the library was story time and snow cones. We did have to pay for the snow cones, but it was still fun ;) Now, Asher wishes there were snow cones at the library every week! We also went to a Wizard of Oz play at the library, the Princess Sofia movie at the library, and the Fratello Marionette show. We've earned a pretty good pile of books from filling up our book logs multiple times. Lila's latest love is to choose out a "Re-CD" (CD) instead of a new book. We love summer reading!

Reed has still been in school ALL summer! One of his assignments (which replaced homework for the last 2.5 weeks of school, hallelujah) was choosing a country where his ancestors came from and doing a report on the country. He chose Wales and we decided to make a brochure! We learned some really interesting things about Wales and had a good time researching and printing out pictures together. Also, how cool is the Welsh flag?!

One day for M + A time, Asher wanted to learn about betta fish--because, as he'd reminded me, we were saving up for one! I'd totally forgotten about that. Anyway, we learned a lot, then decided to make a brochure like Reed's with all the info we'd learned. When both boys were done, they presented their brochures to the family.

One of my best friends is Krista. I got to go out to dinner for her birthday party, then a week later the kids got to go to her house for her daughter Ashlin's birthday party! Ashlin loves Asher--he is actually the only person she wanted to invite. I think her love for Asher mostly stems from the fact that they are both "Ash." Anyway, Asher and Lila both went to Ashlin's American Ninja Warrior party and had a fabulous time on the obstacle course.

Baby Ellie was born! We got to go to St. George when she was a few weeks old so we could meet her. The kiddos all took a turn holding Ellie. Some were bigger fans than others. Lila, though she loves her baby dolls, was a little wary of Ellie and only wanted to hold Ellie's feet while Grandma held most of Ellie.

We were only in St. George from Friday night until Saturday night, but we of course found some time to go to the Main Street Splash Pad, Carousel, and Judd's for treats!

I started doing family history work and ACTUALLY FOUND SOMEONE. A lot of someones! It is super exciting and I've caught the family history bug. These are the first names I've ever found and been able to reserve for work. I'm so excited!

One night, Ryan and the boys were looking for a movie for us to watch for family movie night. Ryan suggested Ghostbusters, but I thought it would be too scary for Lila. The boys were disappointed, and after that they kept watching when we could find a time without Lila to watch the movie. The very next week, we walked into the library to see a sign informing us that the library would be playing Ghostbusters on their big screen that Saturday! The boys immediately set a date with Ryan. They loved the movie--but totally got why Lila wouldn't have.

For a while, we were on a project doing kick and crossed so many things off our to-do list. Then it got crazy hot and our projects stalled for a while until two weeks ago, when we hung up the boys' vinyl (from the Dadvent) and the IKEA spice rack shelves we bought for them! We also organized our closet and cleaned out a few other things. Random aside: when I went to take a picture of the vinyl, I saw that Asher had lined up all his My Weird School books like this of his own accord! He didn't even know I was planning a picture.

We kicked off a new project: Hambly Kids Cook! I meal plan for two weeks at a time and we started with having them each choose one meal for my meal plan. That was so popular--and they all wanted to cook again before I planned again--that we started having them choose two meals for each planning period! On the night I make their chosen meal, they get to be the sole kitchen helper. They've enjoyed the one-on-one time with me and I feel like I'm actually teaching them some kitchen skills, which is awesome. Asher's first meal was Indian Butter Chicken, rice, naan, (leftover) 4th of July jell-o, and oranges. Reed's first meal was enchiladas (his favorite food), homemade chips, and corn on the cob. Lila's first meal was pizza rolls, homemade croutons (Ryan and I had salad), chicken biscuit crackers, and bruschetta. Full disclosure: Ryan suggested bruschetta when he realized we had home-grown tomatoes and home-grown basil. The kiddos mostly just ate plain bread :)

Mom, put on sunglasses and LET'S TAKE SELIFES!

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