Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sunset at Sunset Park

Whilst at Wal-Mart last Saturday, after a morning of chores (i.e. replacing our water heater) and an afternoon at the movie theater, Ryan called me with a great idea: he could grab a big sandwich, a loaf of bread, and some chips, and we could have a picnic at Sunset Park! Sunset Park is not by our house, so we don't often venture there--but it is an awesome park. Everyone was quickly on board and soon we were on our way.

We found a spot by the water to enjoy our picnic and to enjoy watching many, many people playing Pokemon Go! After we'd eaten our meal, we pulled out the loaf of bread Ryan had bought for the sole purpose of feeding the ducks. We soon had a small gathering of ducks who were feasting on our bread. After a few minutes, we decided to walk further around the pond and toss more bread to other ducks. We kept walking and tossing until we came to the largest group of ducks yet. We threw them quite a bit of bread until geese swam up to us and hopped right out of the pond to get a better vantage point for stealing all the bread. We quickly moved on to avoid getting goosed ;)

We continued walking and tossing, taking a playground break at one point, until we got back to where we'd started. No one was fighting, the weather was GLORIOUS--especially for Vegas in August--and we had a great time. I love when the most simple things are the most perfect.

And here's a totally random addendum:
+Lila got invited to a birthday party Saturday morning. We left the boys at home and just the two of us went. She was super pumped to be big enough to go to a birthday party and that the boys weren't coming--just us girls! The party was for her friend Amelia, who she calls "Buh-melia"
+On Saturday afternoon, we stopped at Fallas Paredes. We got backpacks for Lila and Asher and they both fell in love with the backpacks they chose. The wore their "packies" throughout the store, and Lila has worn hers nearly every day since.

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