Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Monthly Asher: 69

Reed has come up with a way to get Lila to do what he wants her to do. "You just tell her that's what princesses do. Works every time!" A few minutes later, she did what Reed told her princesses do--walked up the stairs at Wet N' Wild that drip water on your head. Asher looked back at me, and said--in a very satisfied voice, "Works every time."

Asher and Ryan were watching a video of someone riding a motorcycle down an escalator. Asher said, "They must have gotten a permit to do that." I thought it was so funny he'd think of needing a permit and even know about needing a permit!

Last time we went to Wet N' Wild, Reed got measured at 48" for the first time. But when we went yesterday, he got measured just shy of 48" and they gave him a 42" wrist band. Asher told us he thought the guy measuring at Wet N' Wild probably didn't want Asher to be jealous, so he gave Reed a 42 wristband even though Reed was 48. Reed told him he didn't think that was the case and Asher said, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is."

"Mom, look! I made BB-8!"

Asher saw an old picture of Reed and commented, "I have those shoes now but they're more jacked down." 

Asher holding up middle finger: "What if you only had this finger?!"

One day, totally out of the blue, Asher told me, "Mom, do you see this line on my foot? It's like almost always dirty so I call it dirty crack!"

I think I meantioned that Asher had finished the Magic Treehouse Series. Well, we found another series he loves: the My Weird School series. He has already finished books 1-21 in the My Weird School series and is on book 8 in the My Weird School Daze series. He still has My Weirder School and My Weirdest School after that, so hopefully the series will keep him occupied for a while! He has really enjoyed these books and often tells me something funny he's read in one of the books. He is such a good reader!

He came up with this sentence on his own 

Asher and Ryan went on a date to Wet N' Wild last week. The park was totally dead and they were able to go on 18 big slides in the 3 hours they were there! They also got to try out slide boarding for the first time ever. Last summer, you had to pay an extra fee for slide boarding, and we assumed the same was true this summer--but we were wrong! Asher and Ryan found out that anyone could ride it, so they tried it out--and loved it! Slide boarding is now one of Asher's favorite rides. He was so cute the next week when he, Lila, and I went during the day--he wanted to take me on slide boarding so badly, but couldn't because LJ was too short. Luckily, we went just a few days later with everyone and he got to take me on slide boarding. It was super fun! I think he really loves that he was the first one in our family to ride it!

I found this awesome selfie on my phone haha.

Asher lost another tooth! He's lost three total and has one that is wiggly. His most recent loss is his top right front tooth. He looks so different without it! The hole looks way bigger than the tooth was. When his other wiggly one falls out, he'll be missing both his front teeth.

 Snow cone tongue

We made this quite a while ago, but just barely took a picture!

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