Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Monthly Lila: 42

One night we were eating dinner when Lila said, "Can we have a break from dinner so we can have the best hug in the world?" We had a break and the hug was truly fantastic.

Her inaugural time stirring something on the stove. She was quite pleased.

Lila was looking in the mirror and said, "Oh I is so cute!!!"

At bedtime, Ryan was cuddling with Lila. She asked, "Do you want to spend some time with me?"

She was helping put away dishes and I just had to smile at her outfit. I took a picture and she started doing all kinds of poses, of course.

Grandma was helping Lila wash her hands when Lila said, "Grandma can I tell you something about water? It just goes right through your hands!"

Ryan and I went to the temple while we were in St. George. My mom and dad watched the kids and, as a treat, took them out to a movie. The movie went past bedtime and at one point Lila was laying on my mom and asked, "Grandma is it bedtime?"

One day Lila told Ryan, "If you love people you share gummy bears with them." She followed up with, "If you love people don't make dinner."

One morning it was gloriously overcast so we headed outside in our jammies to ride bikes!

We were at Wet N' Wild with friends and, at one point, Lila and I were watching baby Adalyn so her mom and dad could ride a big slide. Lila decided that her nickname should be "sweetie heart" and Adalyn's should be "cutie." 

Story time

Lila: Girls are cute and boys are handsome! 
Ryan: Well you are certainly cute but am I handsome? 
Lila: Of course you are!

Fourth of July bike parade. We put on Fourth of July necklaces and she added a few more necklaces for bling! 

Some of Lila's fun words: She says a lot of words with "re" in front--not sure why--like "Reboon (balloon) and regilla (gorilla), been-ket (blanket), dink (drink), ban deed (bandaid), bido (video), kick (quick)

Lila's vocabulary is absolutely exploding right now and she is throwing out words that take us aback all the time--especially since she's using them in the correct context. A recent favorite is "fragile"--Ryan walked in a room and Lila pointed at a lego house and said, "This is very fragile Daddy! Be careful!"

She was so worn out on the Fourth that she fell to sleep on the couch! This NEVER happens.

We were 10 minutes away from home when Lila started crying because her shoes were too tight (she'd told us originally they were fine). When we got ot our destination, I took off her socks and put her shoes back on so they felt looser. She told me, "It's better! Mommy you made my life!"

I love her messy top knot. 

"Mommy, want to see some things? I is faster than someone. You!! Want to see it?"

I let Lila choose how we do her hair (usually). Lately she wants a pony tail "because it is real quick." Sometimes she asks me to "just get the bangs out my eyes!" (A little ponytail in the top with most of her hair down). If I want to do her hair a certain way, I just give it a cool name--like princess crown hair. Her hair is naturally wavy, except for the top layer, which is stick straight. Combing out can be a trial, and sometimes the straight mixed with the curls just looks tangly, even if it isn't! I love her hair, though, and she likes to lean her head back and show off how long it's getting.

After her nap she gave me her stuffed lamb, then this conversation ensued:
Lila: This will help you get ready for something!
Me: What?
Lila: To be Minnie when you grow up!.......And it will help goo goo (Asher) be a fire firefighter.....And it will help me be the same thing as you!..................Actually different things. You are the Princess Minnie and I am the Princess Daisy!

Playing with letters for school.

Lila has started calling me Megan and thinks it's hilarious every time she does.

 We went to a Sofia movie at the library! She wore her crown, purple dress, and Sofia necklace.

Notice the line of water coming out of her mouth?!

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