Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Monthly Reed: 92

We were doing M + B time when Reed started singing, "Impossible jimminy. From the life of Japan." AKA the Wilco song that goes "Impossible Germany. Unlikely Japan." My favorite part was that he was singing in the Wilco guy's voice.

Last time we went to Wet N' Wild, Reed was measured at 48" for the first time, ever! There are two slides that require a 48" measure and he was SO excited to try them. He and Ryan went on the tornado, a 48 slide, very first thing. We watched Reed's face coming out of the initial descent/ascent and he looked terrified! By the bottom he was laughing, though, and absolutely loved it. The other 48" slide is called Canyon Cliffs. You lay on your back and go almost straight down. The boys have been trying to get me to go on CC all summer. I've told them I'll go on our last Wet N' Wild trip. Well, when Reed was 48--and we weren't sure he'd get measured at 48 again because he's right on the line--we decided to try it! He was SO BRAVE. And I only didn't chicken out because he was so brave. Funny note: I told him that after the ride, and he told me he didn't chicken out since I was doing it, haha! He loved CC and ended up doing it a few more times.

Fourth of July bike parade

I honestly don't remember what I was doing, but I told Reed it was a very delicate operation.  A minute later he asked, "Mom are you done with your 'delicate operation'?" He totally used air quotes to make fun of me! 

Reed loves slip on shoes. He's worn three pairs all the way out--like holes all over and way stretched out worn out. He's always sad when another pair bites the dust and he is in current need of a new pair--again! On a slightly related note, one day Reed was complaining about his church clothes and Ryan told him he was wearing "glorified sweat pants" (one pair of church pants we have literally has a stretchy waistband) and slip ons (his loafers). Reed cracked up and still laughs about the "glorified sweatpants" remark.

Blurry, but I loved this selfie I found on my phone.

The boys were cleaning their room. Reed told Ryan, "Be a helper not a looker on your phoner!" 

Reed has come up with a way to get Lila to do what he wants her to do. "You just tell her that's what princesses do. Works every time!" A few minutes later, she did what Reed told her princesses do--walked up the stairs at Wet N' Wild that drip water on your head. Asher looked back at me, and said--in a very satisfied voice, "Works every time."

Reed's first dinner turn. No one was surprised he chose enchiladas.

I got a new swimsuit this summer. The first time I wore it Reed told me that my swimsuit was really cute. It was very thoughtful of him and warmed my heart!

We were watching the movie Yours, Mine, and Ours. The blended family has tons of kids and their military dad makes a very regimented schedule for bathroom/shower time. At one point, in the movie, on of the kids got super dirty. Asher commented that he bet the kid was going to shower. Reed said, "I hope it's his turn!" I thought that was pretty clever.

Reed made a "cast" for Lila's baby.

Reed finished up school, woohoo! During the last week of school, he had an awards ceremony. He received the citizenship award and the straight A honor roll award. I'm so proud of his hard work in school! He is a really great kid and his teacher has complimented him more than once on being a leader and a good example.

Passed the 48-inch mark at Wet N' Wild!

This is kind of random, but Reed had taken the book The BFG to school to read during free time. He ended up reading other books and never got to that one. Ryan and Asher wanted to start reading BFG since the movie just came out. They asked Reed to bring it home from school, and he kept forgetting. Eventually, Ryan wrote "Bring BFG home" on Reed's hand--and he still forgot! Ryan picked up Reed on the last day of school and asked about BFG and HE STILL DIDN'T HAVE IT! Apparently he thought his teacher meant leave everything in your desk when she told them to leave their graded papers there at the end of the day (they ran out of time and she said she'd return the papers at the beginning of next school year). Reed and Ryan went back to class and got the BFG, along with 5 other home/library books from his desk! Silly goose.

Reed had a project due the last week of school where he got to choose a country where his ancestors came from and do a report on that country. He chose Wales and we had a fun time learning about the country and putting his brochure together! As part of our research we went back as far as we could on our family line and found someone born in Wales in the year 20! (That line hooked into a royal line, which I think is how we have those records). He also loved that we had an ancestor named "Doli" and one named "Dumn."

Reed built this chick! I loved the 2D aspect.

Reed ended the school year with a 5.9 reading level--wow! He was at a 4.4 around mid-year. I'm glad that he loves reading.

Right now I'm watching Reed play with a k'nex thing he made. I love watching him when he's playing by himself (and doesn't know I'm watching) because he totally makes sound effects and talks to himself. I love that he uses his imagination. He doesn't have a ton of play time during the school year, so I think it's interesting to see what he chooses to play, because those are the things he really loves. He generally plays k'nex or legos or sits down at their art table and makes little notes and pictures.

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