Friday, August 19, 2016

Twilight Hike

Fourth of July was on a Monday this year, which was a little bit weird, celebration-wise. Most of the hotels in Las Vegas had their celebrations throughout the weekend rather than on Monday. As it was our first Fourth in Vegas, we wanted to attempt seeing the downtown fireworks--so we did a bit of research and a bit of thinking and came up with what we hoped was an awesome viewing spot: the hill beside Reed's school. On Saturday night, we hiked up just before the sun was starting to go down. Thankfully, the sun being down meant that we weren't quite as miserable outside! We got to the top of the hill just as dusk was settling in. Soon, we were seeing multiple illegal fireworks going off all over the valley.  Some were in the neighborhood right next to us, which meant they were going off at about the same height we were perched, which was a really cool viewpoint. 

After a while, we realized that the downtown firework show we were waiting for wasn't starting at 9:00, like we'd thought it was--the concert was starting at 9:00 and the fireworks were starting after. Oops. We got to see a lot of action all over the valley, though, so still had a good time. After we'd seen our fill of fireworks, we headed down the now-dark hillside. The hike down was a little more treacherous than the hike up--especially for Lila, who not only had trouble with footing but was feeling pretty scared of the dark--but we made it without too much trouble.

The next day, we wanted to go try our viewing spot again--Saturday had been a trial run of sorts, and we'd declared the spot good. Reed wasn't feeling well, though, so he and I stayed home so he could get to bed while Ryan took the little guys out. They had a great time and saw even more fireworks than we'd seen the night before. 

We were all feeling sad about missing the annual Hambly Family Fourth of July 5k this year, but our awesome twilight hike helped get our minds off being away from where we really wanted to be!

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