Monday, August 15, 2016

Ward Summer Fun

I don't know if wards in other places do this, but our two wards in Vegas have both done summer calendars and I LOVE THEM. I know it is a TON of work for the person who organizes the calendar, but it's so fun to have things to do and I think it is a fantastic way to bring the ward together! I've gotten to know a ton of people better through going to these ward activities and I'm so grateful for awesome wards who put in so much time and effort to make them happen.

One of the parts of the summer calendar we've loved is Wet N' Wild Wednesdays. We've gone a few Wednesdays and love having buddies from the ward to play with. This week was especially great because the Gourlies were there. Reed and Asher had a great time with Ty in the lazy river--they were doing some kind of mission?--and Lila Jae loved going down the slides with Lila Jane. And I just really like talking to Carolyn.

Paige, the calendar organizer extraordinaire, asked for suggestions for the calendar and if anyone had an activity they'd like to be in charge of. I volunteered to do a kid craft day--my inspiration coming from a kid craft day  my friend Krista had done one for the summer calendar a few years before. My  kids helped me plan four crafts: book marks, paper bag puppets, masks, and toilet paper roll kazoos. The kazoos were a mistake--everyone made one and the already loud room was insanely loud. But they did have fun. We were super busy the entire time, so I didn't end up taking many pictures. After everyone was gone, I counted up all the people we'd seen there and realized we had around 40 kids come,  which was awesome. And because all the amazing moms pitched in, there was plenty of supervision and clean up was a cinch.

Another fun activity was the Anderson Dairy Tour. We went on our first tour during our first summer here in Vegas as part of the summer calendar that year. We've gone at least once a year since then! I don't think we will ever get tired of the tour--especially since it ends with a free bowl of Anderson Dairy Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream! Yum! Asher was so sweet with Lila during the tour. I didn't ask him to watch her, but they were kind of ahead of me with the rest of the kids, and every time I saw them he was holding her hand and pointing out something the tour guide had shown them. It was so sweet, especially since they're really had a hard time getting along lately!

Just for fun, here's our first Anderson Dairy tour--we've come a long way!

Another really fun activity was the Fourth of July Bike Parade--you can read all about that in my Fourth of July post :)

Our ward has also met at the Children's Museum a few times. Our pass expired a while ago, but a friend invited us to get in on their pass for one of the meet-ups. Asher and Lila were super pumped because they really love the museum and we hadn't been in a while. Reed was super bummed that he was at school and had to miss it!

Our most recent activity was a kids' carnival! We each planned a simple carnival game that we were in charge of running. We brought the toys in our respective donation piles for prizes. Natalie Gifford popped a ton of popcorn. The kiddos went around and played the games, where they earned tickets, then used those tickets to buy prizes! Our game was a stacked pyramid of toilet paper that the kids had to try to knock over with a ball. This activity was SO MUCH FUN and I truly hope it's a repeat every summer. We loved it!

Lila won a purple stuffed Care Bear that she is swooning over, as I'm sure you can imagine. She also got a new box of crayons. Reed got a stuffed guy that looks like a handheld gaming device. And Asher chose a new hot wheels car. The kids all "bought" popcorn and suckers, too. When Lila was eating her sucker, she realized the stick could fit in the gap between her teeth. Eek. And, looking at the picture at the bottom, apparently Reed's can, too!

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