Friday, September 30, 2016

On a Sunday

Last Sundays was one of those days that just feel perfect.

We have church at 8:30, and this would be a little crazy--getting us all fed, dressed, and out the door by 8:15--but the kids wake up early and we're used to early church by now. Ryan even took the time to make sausage, eggs, and English muffins for us! The day certainly started off on the right foot.

Reed was still not feeling 100%, and we really wanted him to make it to school on Monday since he'd missed four days of school the week before, so he and Ryan stayed home. I went to church with the little guys. They are so good at church. Sometimes I think back to when our oldest was three and marvel at how much easier it is now that our youngest is three! Primary was kind of a circus, but it always is a little crazy. The kids made up for the crazy, though, during singing time. Sr. Primary is ready for the program. One of the ways I feel the spirit is through music, and my primary kids get me every time. There's just something about this group of kids singing their testimonies that touches my soul. And after church Asher showed off the absolutely adorable Daniel and the lion's den picture he'd drawn all by himself in primary.

After church, we lunched, then started a project I've been meaning to do for YEARS. Literally. What was it? New ghost footprints! Our last set of ghost feet was made when Ashie was 1 and Reed was 3. I've meant to make a set with Lila's feet every Halloween but have never quite gotten around to it. This year, I finally did it! Their ghost feet are adorable and now I just need to buy some ribbon so I can hang them before Halloween!

I left to go on a primary visit while Lila napped, the boys quiet timed, and Ryan hammocked. When I got home, we had a glorious afternoon. We started a puzzle that we ended up working on for a few hours. We were so engrossed in our puzzle, in fact, that I forgot to start dinner! I looked up at the clock and realized that somehow it was 5:00 p.m. Luckily, I already had frozen soup defrosting on the counter. I heated the soup and threw together some biscuits to replace the bread bowls I'd been planning on.

After dinner, we went outside and built a fire in our fire pit. The weather has been ridiculous lately and we've been basking in the cooler night air. We chatted for a while around the fire, then made s'mores. We had the perfect fire for marshmallows and they were coming out as gooey perfection. Lila's face after her s'more was amazing, too. We read our scriptures around the fire (we are all the way to Mormon!) and then it was time to tuck the kids in.

Our Sunday wasn't anything spectacular, but I think that's part of what made it so perfect. I'm so grateful we set aside Sundays every week to be together as a family and to avoid the distractions of the world. I feel so blessed.

She leaned against the door and it popped open, which made her land on her bum. She laughed so hard!

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Kayla Martin said...

I love this! And Lila is killing me in that dress!