Tuesday, September 6, 2016

School Notes

1. When I picked Lila up from school on Thursday, she said, “How ‘bout we go to the store and get a re-prise (surprise) for me and Ree Ree and Goo Goo!” Ummmmm, sure. To the dollar store we went. She had a very hard time choosing what to get, but eventually settled on the idea of a “painting craft” which came to fruition in a cheap watercolor set for each kid. She and I have painted many times since.

2. Asher was feeling totally overlooked in class, telling me each day that other kids earned extra class dojo points or falcons while he didn’t. On Thursday, he was dejected because the teacher chose a few kids who'd been really good that week to go to the treasure chest before they earned 100 dojo points. I asked him who got to go and he explained that he didn’t even know because the bus kids left early. The next day he found out that they were awarding the treasure chest prize at school that day, not the day before. AND HE WAS ONE OF THE KIDS THEY CHOSE. He was so pumped.

3. Reed borrowed a book from "Grandma’s library" and was so entirely engrossed in reading it that he was willingly choosing to miss playing the iPad with Daddy or playing in the new hammock so he could read. This is a big deal. He just finished the book and is currently on the waiting list at the library for the second book. We looked his book up (The Inventor’s Secret) and found out it is worth 11 AR points. What?!

3a. We got a new hammock!

4. We got to school early one day so we could see the crayon version of the owl drawing Asher made in class. It was so cute!

5. We made it through our first two soccer practices on school days. I’m feeling pretty impressed with myself, honestly, because I’ve managed to get us home from school, dinner made, everyone fed, and to practice on time both nights. This week we add homework to the mix (I think). Wish me luck.

6. Asher: When will I start having homework?
Me:  Maybe this week, but I’m not sure. Do you want homework?
Asher: Yeah, because when I’m home I’m just like doing other stuff.
Me: And when you’re home you just want to be doing homework?
Asher: (Wistfully) Yeah.

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