Friday, September 16, 2016

The Hammock

I wasn't home the afternoon the hammock came, and when I got back home I was surprised to find Ryan had already built the hammock--in our living room! He was super cozy watching college football that night.

We moved the hammock outside the next day and have used it pretty much every day since then. The boys taught Lila how to climb in by herself and she looooooves to go out to the backyard and climb in, then yell for someone to come rock her. The kids like to all grab a blankie and a pillow, then pile all three of them and all their stuff inside. If they go in the hammock without the cozy paraphenelia, they pinch the top closed and make themselves a cocoon. The weather has been glorious lately, especially at night. Ryan often has trouble sleeping at night, and a few times since we've gotten the hammock he's gone out there to relax for a while in the night and ended up falling asleep!

My favorite thing to do in the hammock is take a book and a kid or two out and cozy up together and read. Ashie was home sick from school two days this week and we spent a fair amount of time relaxing in the hammock with a stack of books. Lila heard about our hammock time and was jealous, so today she and I had a cozy reading session. A few nights ago, Ryan and the boys laid in the hammock while I read out loud to them from a chair (I drew the short straw :).

I didn't even realize I wanted a hammock until we got one. Good call, Ryan.

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