Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Last Few Days of Summer

Last summer, we made a calendar of activities to help us take the most of our three weeks of track break. By the end, I was super exhausted and decided that next summer, I would schedule in a few play-at-home/break days. This year Meggie remembered last year Meggie's advice, but neglected to follow it. For whatever reason, it wasn't as tiring this summer and I didn't feel burned out by the end. Maybe kids getting older has even more perks than I realized? Or maybe I was just energized by the thought of everyone going to school ;) Whatever it was, we completed nearly everthing on our calendar...

And we even got a new pet! Meet Dexter Ledecky Hambly, our betta fish.

I don't have pictures of all our summer activities, but here is the highlight reel. One day, we went to the 99 cent only store,where we found a ridiculously cute Sofia the First costume. It was actually $5, but a decent enough costume that we went for it! I called a few friends and ended up picking up three more costumes for various people. After we left with our Sofia dress haul, we went to Bass Pro Shops to check out the fish, then to Goodwill to look for legos. We didn't have any luck with legos, but we did find a fun new game--Buzz Word.

Lila kind of always kills me, but she extra killed me walking out of BPS. She was so cute walking out in front of us, swaying her hips...

At home, we put on her dress, then she accessorized. She marched down the stairs yelling, "Princess Lila!!"

We spent a lot of time at Wet N' Wild! Our passes might have been our favorite thing about this summer. Our ward met there every Wednesday morning--we went for quite a few of those--and we went quite a few nights together as a family! Wet N' Wild is only open on weekends now, and closed after September, so I'm not positive how many more times we'll make it. We certainly made good use of our passes, though!

This is how Lila felt about walking over to the rainbow slides with the boys. She's not big enough for the slides, so she just had to watch:

After using a puddle jumped at the Buxtons' house last week and realizing she could float without being held on to, Lila got super brave in the water! In the lazy river, she wanted to float free (with a life jacket)--not holding hands or anything! She did great. 

Asher got a crazy bruise on his ear at Grandma's house. The pictures don't even do it justice. The day it happened, his ear was hugely swollen and bright purple. It was crazy!

Baby doll got to go to her friend Amelia's (Buh-melia to Lila) birthday party! It was her first party that was just for her and mom--the boys stayed home with Ryan. She was SO PUMPED.

Our water heater stopped heating. It needed a $450 repair. But, it's 10 years old, and we could replace it for $600--so we went that route. Ryan replaced it while Lila and I partied with Buh-melia :) The box from the water heater made for a fantastic clubhouse. We even taped boxes over the open ends to make doors!

We had our friends the Gourlies over the play. By the end, everyone was wearing a dress up!

One of our ward activities got cancelled (due to illness), so we went to the park for a picnic! Thankfully, the park has shades, so we even played for a while before we went home.

 We made Banh Mi and it was soooooooooooooooo good!

Thanks for treating us well, summer! Until next year.


Nicolas said...

I'm super impressed that that schedule didn't wear you out. And Wet n Wild looks like it's way better than it used to be (and it used to be cool). We need to come visit next summer so we can all go together.

Megan said...