Monday, September 12, 2016

The Monthly Lila: 43

 Our office has been undergoing a major transformation. It was not really functional at all before, so we took a bunch of things out and moved other things around. Our project took a while, and Ryan’s drums and the kids’ drums were broken down to be out of the way. Last week, we finally finished, and Ryan set up his drums again. Lila has been dying for him to set up “her” drums (that literally had Reed’s name on them). One day while she napped, Ryan set up Lila’s drums as a surprise. She was extremely pleased when she woke up. They jammed immediately.

Lila is loving school so much. She has already made a friend, Kamryn, who she plays with every day at recess. She is still learning everyone’s names, and I kind of love how she refers to some people. One boy is “the baby” I think because he’s small and cried the first few days. She isn’t using “baby” in a derogatory way, more an endearing way. Another boy she calls “little Jonas” which I’m assuming I show the teachers refer to him. There’s a little girl with purple glasses who Lila says is her friend too, but Lila can’t remember her name J And she loves her teachers!

On the second day of school, Lila’s teacher sent home a new folder in Lila’s backpack. Now Lila wants to check every day in case there is something new, haha. When I go to pick her up from school, her face lights up when she sees me. She starts waving to me, then always holds up the back of her hand so I can see she earned a sticker. When she is dismissed, she sprints to me and gives me a huge hug! At drop off in the morning, she’s been telling me, “You can leave now!” then waving to me as long as she can see me while I walk away. She is having a lot of fun.

Lila wanted to go to Target after we went out to dinner. The boys did not. Lila and Daddy went--and Lila came home with three new dresses!

More school stuff. Lila always remembers what snack they had for the day and occasionally will come up with other completely random details to tell me—like that she washed her hands or somebody touched the school bus or whatever. It’s hilarious. One thing they must do a lot is sing this song: “Circle time is all done, circle time is all done.” She even does hand actions with it. Super cute. 

Lila outgrew a long beloved shirt. She was SO DEVASTATED. She was just sobbing because she loved this shirt so much and really wanted it to fit. She’s never been so upset about a shirt and I really had no idea she had been so attached to this one.

While we were driving today, Lila said: I can't wait until I'm a mommy!
Me: What do you think will be fun about being a mommy?
Lila: Driving kids!

I came in to get Lila after her nap. She said, "My favorite friend is back!" (Referring to me) Awwwwwwwww.

Lila: Can we have snow cones tonight?
Me: We'll see how the night goes.
Lila: Like if anyone doesn't hit or stab or bite? (Long pause) Because that's what bad guys do.  

We were listening to the Taylor Swift song "Welcome to New York." Lila said, "Mom this just feels like a shake your booty song!"

The kids discovered an empty bag of jelly beans on the table after my primary presidency. Lila said, "You had a jelly bean? Remember that is a cheat? Mommy got off the challenge! She had a cheat!!" It's hard to cheat with such a harsh task master :)

Lila bit Reed. Ryan asked what would happen if she bit a friend at school. She immediately said, Them would die!"

The night before school started, Dolly asked me if it was tomorrow yet because she wanted to know if it was the day she got to meet her teacher!  

We were cuddling at nap time and Lila told me, "I'm excited about this one (Clifford's Field Day, a book)--can you just go out?" This was funny to me because usually she is begging me to stay longer!

I overheard Lila talking in the shower: "Press one, dial more options or hang up."

Lila laid her head on my shoulder. I asked if she was tired. She responded, "I is not tired I is just taking a little nap!" 

Lila, swinging on her belly: "Superman to the rescue!" 

After borrowing a friends' puddle jumper, then being encouraged by a friend's big sister to float on her own with the puddle jumper, Lila got brave. She floated without holding hands. AND SHE LOVED IT. For our last few trips to wet n' wild, she has been all about the lazy river so she can show off her new independence!

Lila was sick one night and ended up sleeping in our bed. In the morning, upon waking up and seeing she's in bed with me: 
Lila: Mommy? 
Me: Hi. 
Lila: It is me! It is Lila! I is in here with you!

Lila saw her reflection in the dark screen of the iPad and started singing, "I love you so much Liiiiiiiiiila!" 


Kayla Martin said...

I overheard Lila talking in the shower: "Press one, dial more options or hang up."

I don't know why but I'm dying over this!^^ hahahaha she is too funny! Where does she come up with this stuff??

Megan said...

I know right?! She's too much