Monday, September 12, 2016

The Monthly Reed: 93

Reed wants to be a vampire for Halloween this year! I was a little bit surprised when he told me, because I didn’t know he liked vampires—he’d never mentioned them before. But I started looking for a costume and yesterday we found a great costume on sale. I ordered it, and told him it was on his way. He didn’t seem very excited, so I asked him if he still wanted to be a vampire. He asked, “Yeah, but do you think it’s a weird costume?” He went on to explain that he thought I thought it was a weird choice! I felt so bad! I was surprised, which I told him, but he felt like I was telling him it was weird. I think I cleared up the misunderstanding, and we looked at his costume online and made plans for face makeup, so I think he’s back in the excited camp. Hopefully.

Reed has discovered a new book series that he loves. He has always liked reading just fine, but it wasn’t really what he’d choose to do in his free time. He’d rather play legos or draw a picture, which is totally understandable, especially after a long school day. But these books he has loved to much he can hardly put them down! The first book, The Inventor’s Secret, was 352 pages. One day I looked over and realized that he only had about 30 pages left and was shocked! He’d absolutely flown threw it. We just got the second book this week and he is already several chapters in! I’m glad he has found a book series that he loves. 

Speaking of his book, this morning he told me that he bet he would like math better if he went to the school in his book. He already likes math, so I was curious why he’d like it better there. He told me that at the school in his book, they built bridges in math! I would like math better there, too. He’s told me bits and pieces of the story, but really wants me to read it—so he’s keeping the rest a secret!

And more about his book. I mentioned that Reed wants me to read it. Well, I had forgotten about that and when he finished it, I asked him to put it on the book shelf so we could remember to take it back to Grandma. He gave me a funny look and said, "Oh....okay...." and then as he put it on the shelf, "But were you going to read it?" Oops! I felt so bad! I've had a lot of foot-in-mouth moments this month with Reed, apparently. It was really sweet, though, because I could tell he really wanted me to read it but was kind of timid about asking about it...what a sweetheart. It's now on my night stand to be started ASAP. 

We were talking about countries and continents when Reed asked, "Is there a Central American ocean?" It was a good question. Later, though, he asked, "Are you going to write that down?" (Because he thought the Central American thing was really funny). I love that he wants to immortalize his funny moments. He'll also ask me to write down things that Asher and Lila say that he finds funny!

One of Lila's teachers' names is Mrs. Stouard. We thought she was Mrs. Stewart, though, and after we'd been talking about her Reed said, "I don't know why but I'm like fascinated with the name Stewart!"

Reed was reading a book and apparently came across a bad word. He told Asher he didn't think Asher should read the book and told me about it right away, too. I asked him what letter it started with because I was wondering what level of bad we were talking about and if the book could just be "edited" or needed to be donated. Reed told me it was "taking the Lord's name in vain." First, I was really proud of him for telling me right away and for knowing that it was wrong to say that word. Second, I was impressed that he knew exactly how to describe the word! FHE is working :) Asher: Bub just told me the book had a bad word so he didn't think I should read it. 

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