Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Saturday We (Mostly) Survived

We went in to Saturday knowing it was going to be a busy day, but thinking we'd be fine. We were so naive.

7:00 a.m.: Ryan packs up a cooler with water bottles, snacks, and lunch while I get everyone dressed and ready.

7:50 a.m.: Leave home for the Forbuss Pancake Palooza

8:00 a.m.: See Lila's preschool teacher in the pancake line. Lila shyly says, "Hi!!!!" Then we proceed to eat pancakes, talk to our pals the Gage family, and have quite an enjoyable time!

8:40 a.m.: Leave Forbuss for the soccer field, a 20 minute drive.

9:20: Reed's first game! They lost, which was a bummer, but the snack mom gave Asher AND Lila snacks after the game, too, so we were still happy.

10:40: Asher's first game! They lost, too, but he got to try play goalie so was pretty happy. Reed ate lunch and tried to sit in the 2-ft patch of shade our wagon made. Lila spent the game playing with the Gourlie girls. (I am SO glad we have buddies on Asher's team!)

12:00: Reed's second game! Ryan, Asher, and Lila spent the first 15 minutes or so up at the playground, which was much cooler and shadier. I baked in the heat and wished for cooler weather. Reed got to play against his friends Lucas and Fiona from school and HIS TEAM WON! Yayyyyyy!

1:30: Arrive home and shower/change clothes

2:45: Leave for Reed's friend Sophia's party at Chuck E. Cheese. She invited Asher and Lila, too, because she's awesome like that. I offered to take the kids alone because Ryan does not love huge crowds or lots of noise and Chuck E. Cheese has both those things in very large quantities. The kids had a really great time at Chuck E. Cheese. Reed and Lila had never been before (Asher had been for a friend's birthday). We filled ourselves on pizza and cake and Reed hit the jackpot on a machine and got tons of tickets.

6:30: Arrive back at home and collapse on the couch. Start the BYU game.

7:30: Put the kids to bed

4:00 a.m.: Asher wakes us up. He's coughing so hard he almost throws up. We get him some water and settle him in between us. Neither of us can fall back to sleep, so we finish the BYU game.

4:45 a.m.: Realize that Asher is breathing really fast, his heart is racing, and he is on fire. Take his temperature. 104.2! Quickly consult Dr. Google and wake Asher to give him ibuprofen. He falls right back to sleep while we nervously watch him.

5:30 a.m.: Asher seems much more normal as far as breathing and heart rate are concerned. Ryan goes downstairs to try to sleep on the couch. I try to fall asleep but my knee hurts a lot and I just can't fall asleep. Pray for relief. Finally drift off around 6.

7:00 a.m.: Kids are up, so we're up, too. Ryan was going to stay home with Asher and I was going to go to church with the other kids, but as I try to walk around I feel clammy and like I got hit by a truck. Instead of church, we set up a blow up mattress, everyone gets blankies, and we spend the day watching movies, finishing reading The Witches and then watching the movie The Witches, and trying to sleep off our Saturday!

Tender mercies:
+That prayer in the middle of the night? That my knee would stop hurting enough that I could sleep? It worked.
+We didn't need to take Asher to the ER. The medicine lowered his temp to a still high but okay 101.
+Reed and Lila weren't sick and were probably so bored but they were SO GOOD. They played by themselves, didn't complain, and didn't fight.
+We woke up Monday feeling much better. I think we were literally just so exhausted we felt sick!
+Reed won a soccer game!
+Asher got to play goalie!

We have more double header Saturdays coming up, including a Saturday where both boys have double headers. Hopefully we can make it through a little more intact next time!

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