Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weekend Notes

1. I wrote this ENTIRE BLOG POST and saved it in a word document because our internet was being tempermental. Today, when I located the word document, opened it up...and it was blank. Sad, sad day.

2. Ryan took the boys to a UNLV Men's Soccer game and tail gate party Friday night! The food was reportedly delicious and the game lots of fun. A nice bonus was that they ran into one of Asher's buddies and got to sit by him and his dad during the game. Ryan and the boys left at half time because Reed had a "stomach ache." The jury is still out on whether purported stomach ache was real  or invented.

3. Ryan and I got up early Saturday to finally put our garage back together. Over the past few weeks, we've pulled every single thing off our storage racks, moved it all to one side for sorting, moved it back to the other side so Ryan could replace the water heater (this was an unexpected extra step), and cleared a path in front of our storage racks so we could move things back on. Our garage has been a wreck and I've missed parking inside. Anyway, the garage is finally finished and it is GLORIOUS. Never has our garage looked so good!

4. Lila was being grumpy Saturday morning and I thought she was just tired. Then Ryan noticed she felt warm, so we took her temperature: 102. Then she threw up all over Ryan. Our plans for the day changed a bit! Ryan took Asher to the Home Depot building workshop while Lila and I cuddled to a movie. Reed decided he just wanted to stay home and play legos by himself. After a while, Lila fell asleep, so Reed and I played legos together.

5. I taught sharing time on Sunday and the junior primary was oddly reverent. That may sound weird, but our primary is *quite* large and usually has an extremely difficult time sitting down or listening or not randomly yelling out or pushing their neighbor. I'm not sure if it was just because we were small in numbers or what, but we need to figure out how this magic happened.

6. By Sunday afternoon, Lila seemed fine. So on Monday, we decided to explore Desert Breeze Park on bikes. Turns out that they have an awesome skate park that the boys loved. After a while, we decided to go grab picnic fixings and head out to Redrock. While we drove to Redrock, I noticed Lila had some small scabs around her knee. At the picnic I noticed more, which led us to cancelling our hike plans and googling "Hand Foot and Mouth Disease" instead while we drove home...

6a. While we were driving to Desert Breeze Park, we noticed a gigantic (not joking) pit on the side of the road. We pulled over to inspect the pit (of course). We looked it up and found out that it was used for fill dirt and rock for various projects

7. Because of aforementioned hand foot and mouth, we had to miss a friend's birthday party Monday night. Lila was SO sad. To cheer everyone up a bit, we made snickerdoodles and had ice cream. The snickerdoodles were literally the best batch I've ever made--they were perfection. We also played a really fun round of Mexican Train and even made a time lapse video of ourselves doing so. Our night was redeemed!

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