Sunday, December 4, 2016

Asher's Party

 **Unfortunately, I've lost all my photos from September-November. So you'll just have to imagine what everything looked like**

This year, Asher wanted a lego party! I was not really surprised, because he loooooooves legos. He was a big helped in planning and setting up and was super pumped to invite all his friends over to party.

We started out by coloring giant lego guys while we waited for everyone to show up. This activity was surprisingly popular and no one wanted to do anything else until they finished their pictures! There were some very creative lego guys and some kids very impressively made exact copies of lego guys we had!

Next, we played some games! One of our games was pin the lego brick onto the lego base. We had a lego base taped to a posterboard and hung on the wall. The kid who got the brick closest to the center of the base was the winner! Another game was the lego suction game. We gave each kid a pile of legos, a cup, and a straw. They had to use their straws as suction tools to get the legos into the cups! The kids were surprisingly fast at this one and it was a lot of fun to watch. Yet another lego game was a lego relay race. We split into two teams. Each team had a bowl of legos and a spoon. They had to use the spoon to transport the legos from the bowl on one side of the room to a bowl on the other side of the room. There was some heated cheering and heavy competition in this game, and it was a very close race! Finally, we did the balloon stomp game--which honestly, I'll probably never do at a birthday party again, ha! A few tears were involved, mostly because of the noise!

After we'd played our games, we had pizza and a lego-shaped cake! Asher was super proud of his cake and I must say that I was, too. It was definitely the coolest cake I've made to date. It looked like a huge blue (of course) lego.

Finally it was time for presents! Asher got a ton of new lego sets which, as you can imagine, he was quite excited about. He built his first set as soon as his guests left! Ashie had such a fun birthday party. I'm glad he's got such a great group of buddies!

Found one photo, woohoo!

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