Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas time is Heeeeeeeere: Part 1

Motor Speedway Glittering Lights
I've wanted to see the lights at the speedway every year we've lived here, but it's kind of far and really expensive. This year, though, we go lucky! A ward member posted on our facebook page saying that the neighborhoods paper--which is delivered free to all the neighborhoods in our area--had a coupon for a free night at the glittering lights! The paper was from a few days before I saw the facebook post, but luckily for me, the majority of our neighbors leave the neighborhoods paper in the street for days or even weeks. This was actually doubly lucky because lately the neighborhoods paper has skipped our street. Rude. Anyway, the kids and I scoured the street for papers on our way home from school and came up with four copies! (And a few papers that were OVER A MONTH OLD. Just throw them away, neighbors!) We kept one for ourselves and gave the other three to friends who hadn't gotten one. Fun!

The lights were so, so cool. You stay in your car and drive through tunnels and light displays and it's just so much fun. We soon realized that most traffic laws didn't really apply and, since we were driving literally 10 mph and every car around us was doing the same thing (baaaaa), we let the kids unbuckle and come sit on my lap and on the center console so we all had front row seats. We loved the lights! The drive ended with a live nativity scene, which was also really cool.

Lego Nativities
The kids are always chomping at the bit to make lego nativities, so our lego nativity night was our first FHE in December. Honestly, we went into the project a little grumpy but ended up having fun! We were planning on doing one big family nativity, but in the end Lila and I built a nativity together, Asher and Ryan built a nativity together, and Reed built a nativity on his own. Lila was very opinionated about her nativity. Things ended up just how she wanted them, and she has a very...creative nativity this year. Asher and Reed both went a more traditional route. I love how they all turned out.

 Asher's Nativity

Reed's Nativity. 

Lila's Nativity. How did I not take a better picture?!

This was one of my favorite signs. In case you can't tell, it says, "Peace on earth ____ to men" The ____ was the Goodwill logo. So clever!

The Santa and Mrs. Claus moved apart and together, which the kids loved.

The boys wanted to make sure Ryan got pictures of all the patriotic parts.

We're so sketchy. And totally safe.

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