Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas time is Heeeeeeere: Part 3

Christmas Crafts
Lila has been obsessed with crafts lately. Every day after school she asks what craft we are making that day! She's also very opinionated on her crafts, so I usually end up suggesting three or four things before she either accepts my ideas or comes up with one of her own. And she ALWAYS wants to paint. I'm not ALWAYS up for paint, though, so we save that for special occasions. And can I just say thank goodness for clearance craft kits from Christmases crafts? They've been saving me.Some of the crafts we've made so far include a snowflake crown, a snowman ornament, button wreaths, a painted Mary and Jesus (Joseph had broken, which meant my mom got the set for free and gave it to us!), nativity ornaments, and probably a few others!

The one craft I've taken a picture of! The snowflake was my idea, making it into a crown was her idea. She's worn it pretty much constantly since we made it.

Family Day
Lila's school has family day once a month. She loves taking us in and showing us the ropes. September's family day was a craft day and November's family day was a story time and pie tasting activity. This month we got to read The Polar Express, then decorate cookies! Lila had so much fun. She decorated her little heart out and each cookie ended up with a good 1/4 cup of sprinkles on top! She decided to make a cookie for Ryan and each of the boys--mainly so she could decorate more, I think--then decided to make one more each for her and for me--mainly so she could eat more, I think. We love Lila's teachers and school and had so much fun!

Gingerbread Houses
Making graham cracker houses has become another of our favorite December FHE activities. This year we were planning on having the DeLespinasse family come over the decorate with us but, unfortunately for us, the yucky cough Lila caught kept them away. I wasn't sure we'd find another time to get together, so we went for it with just our five family. Reed wanted to try to make his own this year, so I teamed up with Lila and Ryan teamed up with Asher. We had leftover candy from Halloween we'd saved for houses along with candy from a friend's birthday party and some candy we'd bought--so we had plenty of candy :) I also made perfect royal frosting this year--so much better than last year's fiasco--which made the building portion go really quickly! The other "teams" came up with several creative ideas, and every time they mentioned a new idea out loud Lila would say, "Oh! Mommy, let's make a _______." Then repeat whatever they'd just said. Like it was her own original idea.

My favorite parts of Reed's house were his Christmas tree, his crushed candy cane path, his fireplace, his name in food coloring, and his stream. My favorite parts of Ryan and Asher's were their gummy bear stack--the gummies were trying to "put lights up" on the roof--their swiss roll beds, the lights on the roof, the trees, and their names. And my favorite parts on mine and Lila's were our bears roasting marshmallows, our sledding hill, the "Christmas tree farm" she wanted to add in the sideyard--complete with one bear looking at each tree, and the exorbitant amounts of "fish" she decided to put in our stream. We had so much fun.

She wanted a picture of her messy face!

Mrs. Cantwell || Lila || Mrs. Stouard

 The stream was his idea. Lila and I copied :)

I love his bears hanging out and that tree in the corner!

The first is super cool!

Lila put her backpack on backwards to cover her belly for the picture haha. This is the most normal smile she did. Out of six tries. Silly girl.

There was a very long line for the sledding hill.

 The green gum drops are the Christmas trees in Lila's Christmas Tree Farm.

 We copied Reed's fire, but the marshmallow roasters were our idea!

Notice the stream, teaming with fish.

 Asher set up their chairs like this so they could take a picture. So cute!

I love their sucker tree!

 Crushed granite path and cute house lights!

 The bear stack. My favorite!

 Asher wanted to make sure I got a close up of their names

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