Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas time is Heeeeeere: Part 4

The last Christmas post...for now. 

This is not exactly Christmasy, but Reed started scouts in December! He had his first pack meeting last week, which he loved, and he has his first den meeting tonight. He was so pumped to put his scout stuff on and he looked awesome. His den did the skit, which he got to be a part of, and he got to participate in a candy race! Fun times.

Ward Party
The Primary was in charge of the nativity at the ward party this year. We decided to sing "Picture a Christmas" and have the various actors in the nativity come out as they were mentioned in the song. Getting the kids ready for our "performance" backstage was INSANE. Literally insane. They were soooooo crazy. But eventually we pulled it together and everyone told us how cute it was, so all was well. Asher was a shepherd and Reed was a cow!

Christmas Fireside
On a related note, the boys once again decided to be part of the stake children's choir for the Christmas fireside. They looked so handsome with their matching ties! Lila and I were both sick, so I didn't get to watch them perform. Ryan said they did great, though. And, when they got home, I asked them to sing their songs for me and they did with no hesitation! Hearing just their two voices singing was so, so sweet and I may have gotten a little teary. I love these boys!

Letters to Santa
Lila was dying to write a letter to Santa, so we did just that early in December. Unfortunately, their letters to Santa were among the pictures I lost. The letters were adorable, though. Asher drew a picture of him with Santa, Reed drew Santa and his reindeer, and Lila drew a pink and purple creation. They got letters back from Santa this week in the mail! Reed pointed out that the handwriting on the envelope looked suspiciously like mine. I explained that I had put in an addressed envelope with their letters so Santa could write back. And the writing in the letter actually from Santa didn't look at all like mine, because of course it wasn't.

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