Friday, December 16, 2016

Cookie Time

One day Lila asked me, "Mommy? Can we have friends over and make a craft or play or something?" This seemed like a reasonable request. And, because I was feeling particularly adventurous, I suggested decorating cookies. Lila responded with her happy noise and was immediately on board. We were going to have a cookie party!

The day before the party, the kids helped me roll out and cut all the cookies. I was super surprised to find that the cookie cutting was a very pleasant experience! We jammed to Taylor Swift while the kids independently cut their cookies while I was in charge of transferring to cookie sheets. After they were out of room, they'd peel up the extra dough, make a new ball, and help roll it out. I was kind of expecting a debacle but it was actually a lot of fun.

Our party got rescheduled because of Lila's family day, and we ended up partying on the day the boys were home for parent teacher conferences! They weren't sad. Lila had invited a few of her friends (Ashlin, McKynlee, Avery, and Lila) and the boys were also happy about that, because one of their best friends happens to be Avery and Lila's older brother, Ty! Between my kids, our friends, and their baby siblings, we had a full house!

Lila took a quick approach to cookie decoration. She'd slap some frosting on, ask me to help spread it, pour a gallon of sprinkles on, repeat. She decorated the most cookies by far--she made 8 or 9 compared to about 2 or 3 for each of the other kids! She was in heaven. The boys were a little more methodical. And some friends worked on one cookie for a good 15 minutes! All the kids were big fans of the sprinkles--most cookies had more sprinkles than cookie by the time they were done with them! And all the kids were fans of the edible spray paint color that Carolyn brought.

After the kids were cookied out, they trooped upstairs to play while the moms cleaned up and chatted. The kids might have had more fun playing that they did making cookies! I really lucked out in the friend department and I truly enjoy spending time with all the moms who came. The kids made a terrific mess upstairs but had a marvelous time doing so! When it was just about time to go, the kids asked us all to come upstairs. When we walked into the room, the kids--who were all piled on the top bunk--threw every pillow and blanket my three kids own at us! It was kind of hilarious. We had such a great time and I'm grateful for our friends!

 Lila hard at work, wearing the necklace Ashlin made for her. Ash and Reed in the background.

 First wave of friends! Reed, Ashlin, Lila, McKynlee, Asher, Adalyn

 And then the Gourlies came! From back side to front: Avery, Ty, Reed, Ashlin, Lila, McKynlee, Asher, Lila Jane, Cam, and Adalyn walking around :)

 One of our favorite baby friends!

 Ashlin, Reed, Ty

Lila Jane, Asher, McKynlee, Lila Jae

Ty and Avey


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