Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Halloween 2016

This year was the first time we've been home for Halloween since Lila's first Halloween! Our Halloween this year was pretty similar to years past, but I'll highlight some of our favorite parts of it anyway.

1. Pumpkins
Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to Gilcrease  Orchard while Ryan and I were on our cruise. In addition to having some of the amazing homemade donuts, cider, and kettle corn, they picked out pumpkins with the kids! Lila's was the perfect shape. Reed's had the perfect stem. And Asher's was the perfect size. They even picked out a hugely warty pumpkin for Ryan and I.

When Ryan and I were back in town, we carved the pumpkins! Reed was the only child willing to touch the pumpkin guts, so I ended up cleaning out two pumpkins. Reed wanted to try doing his all on his own. After I helped him get the pattern on to his pumpkin, he went for it! He had a hard time figuring it out at first, but did pretty good once he got the hang of using the carver. He had help from Ryan or I on a few tricky parts, but did most of it on his own.

Asher teamed up with Ryan and actually carved quite a bit of his own pumpkin. He chose a pattern he'd watched Uncle Steve carve last year--it's two pumpkin head people holding hands. The heads of the pumpkin people also form the eyes of a larger skull. It was quite cool.

And Lila, of course, was Mommy's team mate--which meant the she chose her pattern, held on to the carving thing with me for a few minutes, then took hundreds of pictures of the table cloth, floor, herself, and me while I carved.

After carving, we lit our pumpkins up with crazy LED lights, then took our traditional pumpkin pictures.

2. Trunk or Treat
Trunk or treat happened while Ryan and I were out of town. The lucky kids got to go with Grandma and Grandpa, though! They picked out some awesome decorations and made the back of the car look super spooky. The kids came away with a lot of candy, too!

3. Trick or Treat
We started our treat or treat night with a trip to the library's "haunted conference room"--it was better than in years past, but still not great. Oh well--one day I'll learn not to go! Anyway, after the library, we went to Sonic for cheap corn dogs, which is kind of a fun tradition, then it was over to Huntington for trick-or-treating! There were TONS of trick or treaters out and we saw lots of people from our ward. There was one street where literally every house was decked out like crazy for Halloween. One house had full size skeletons positioned on the walls to look like they were climbing up. Another had a huge screen playing Halloween movies. Another had an entire coffin full of candy. It. Was. Awesome.

The kids had a lot of fun trick or treating and only started complaining when their candy bags started getting too heavy, haha. We came away with a TON of candy and hadn't even trick or treated for as long as we planned!

4. Costumes
This year, Reed surprised me by telling me he wanted to be a vampire--I didn't know he even knew about vampires! We found a great costume online, though, and he looked awesome. He paid close attention to detail, making sure we had his hair slicked back with gel, white face paint on, and fake blood running down from his mouth. He was a little bummed he wasn't allowed to wear the face paint to dress up at school, but he still looked awesome.

I saw a Kylo Ren costume on a crazy good deal in September--I showed Asher and he was instantly sold. He loves Star Wars and he loves the dark side. His costume came with Kylo Ren's awesome mask which, surprisingly, Asher was allowed to wear to school on dress up day! He looked great.

And finally the baby girl. Our favorite store is the 99 cents only store, so we shop there quite a bit. One day, we found an adorable Princess Sofia costume for only $5 (not 99 cents ;). She LOVED it and decided right then (in August!) that she would be Sofia for Halloween. She had a Sofia necklace and a crown and loved being a princess.

5. Pumpkin Patch
A group of friends invited us to come on a preschool field trip to the pumpkin Patch. Lila was super pumped to go! She got to go on all the rides they had--swings, a spinning ride, a few huge inflatables, and a train ride! At the end, all the kids got mini pumpkins. And, because it was sweltering hot outside, we got ice cream cones from IKEA. At 10 am :)

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