Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reed's Baptism Photo Shoot

One of the blessings of having older cousins (besides loving them and getting to play with them) is that you get to see all the awesome things they do and copy the amazing ideas their moms have. One such idea was something we saw at Kody's baptism--his sign-in book. Grace had taken photos of Kody in his new suit, then used the photos to print a photo book with blank areas for people to sign in or write Kody a note. When I reminded Reed of Kody's sign-in book he immediately knew he would love having a sign-in book like that, too.

The first step was ordering the suit. Happily, we found a very handsome suit online and when it arrived it fit perfectly. Next, we had to go take pictures! Reed was a really good photo subject and posed just how we asked, smiled, and didn't complain at all. Finally, I had to make the book. There was a little drama because I paid extra for expedited shipping, and the book still hadn't even shipped the day it was guaranteed to be here--but after an online chat, my shipping was refunded and the book was overnighted so it arrived the next day. And, even though these photos are printed in the book, it just feels right to have them on the blog, too.

One last note--my favorite picture is of Reed in the tree. Reed has been super excited about climbing trees lately, and that particular tree had a perfect branch for sitting on. I love that we have a picture of him in a tree! I also really love the CTR punch to the camera. 

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Claudia/Rob said...

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that he is 8!! Such a handsome boy, looking so grown up! These pictures are great!