Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Reed’s Baptism

We’d been waiting for this day for 8 years. Well, maybe not literally 8 years—but a long time. Because his birthday is so late in the year, Reed was one of the last kids in his primary class to get baptized—which meant he had a very long time to anticipate the event. And was he excited! The night before he was practically bouncing up and down because he was just so pumped!

We had a lot of family coming into town for the baptism, but no one was actually arriving until go time. So we spent the day before and the morning of baking treats, cleaning the house, picking up sandwiches, setting up tables and chairs at the church, and generally getting ready. Before too long everyone was at the church, Reed and Ryan were in their whites, and we were starting!

I realized at Reed’s baptism that I’ve been at every primary baptism in our ward this year. But having my own child get baptized was so different than all the other baptisms I’d been to. I felt so happy and peaceful the entire day, even when we were running around preparing things. And during the program I just felt so proud of Reed and so happy he’d decided to get baptized. Ryan baptized and confirmed Reed, we were surrounded with family and friends, and we just had a great day. After the baptism, we had a huge lunch with our family and friends, then got to spend a few hours with our cousins playing and exchanging gifts at our house

One of my favorite moments of the weekend, though, came the next day during sacrament meeting. I need to start by explaining that at the beginning of the year, we had a family home evening lesson on baptism. At the end of the lesson, Ryan and I bore our testimony to our kids, then challenged them to bear their testimony. Reed did NOT want to do it. At first, Ryan and I both thought Reed was kind of just being difficult. But, as we talked to him, he told us that he didn’t want to say something he didn’t KNOW, and felt like he was lying because he didn’t feel like he knew any of it. We talked about believing vs. knowing and how it’s okay not to know. We also talked about how to build a testimony. I’ve watched Reed this year—paying attention when we read scriptures as a family, listening during FHE, praying about the scriptures. The Monday before Reed’s baptism, we once again had a family home evening lesson on testimony. And at the end of the lesson, we again challenged the kids to bear their testimonies to us. Reed was nervous at first, because he didn’t know HOW to say a testimony. So I coached him through it by asking him questions. His answers were his testimony! At the end, we had him put it all together and he bore his testimony for us. Then, on Sunday, he and I got up in sacrament meeting and both bore our testimonies. I was so proud of our boy. It’s definitely great to be eight.

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