Friday, December 16, 2016

Reed's Party

 **Unfortunately, I've lost all my photos from September-November. So you'll just have to imagine what everything looked like**


We've started reading the Harry Potter books again. This time, it was just going to be Asher and I (Reed and Ryan read the books together last time), but before too long--after one chapter--Reed joined in with us. Reading book one got Reed very excited about Harry Potter again, and he decided to have a Harry Potter birthday party! He and I had a lot of fun looking up ideas together, choosing which things he liked best, and making things for the party. We found a blog called "East Coast Mommy" where the blogger had thrown a Harry Potter party for her eight-year-old son in November, which just about blew Reed's and Asher's minds. ECM also had a lot of good ideas that we used, and the boys kept telling me, "Oh, let's see what East Coast Mommy did" which was kind of hilarious.

Anyway, this party required quite a bit of prep, but it turned out to be really fun! When his friends arrived at our house, they had to run through a brick banner we'd hung in our doorway to get inside. Once inside, they visited various "shops" and received cloaks, wands, spell books, and quills. And once everyone arrived it was time to sort into houses! We'd found a cootie-catcher printable that would help us sort people, and everyone got a turn to sit on the stool and wear the sorting hat and get put into a Hogwarts house! Finally it was time for classes. Our first class was potions, where we used various wizarding world ingredients--like eye of newt and bat dung--to create polyjuice potion (elephant toothpaste) and veritaserum (volcano eruption). After potions, we went to Care of Magical Creatures, where our young witches and wizards had to search for pictures of magical creatures hidden around our back yard. Our next class was Charms, where the kids had to use their wands and a spell--Wingardium Leviosa--to keep their balloons levitating in the air. After, we had a tabletop Quidditch match. We'd made quidditch hoops out of straws and pipe cleaners, and the teams took turns throwing the Quaffle (a ping pong ball) through the hoops. After they'd all thrown twice, the score was tied! We sent the teams in search of the Golden Snitch! The team that found the snitch won 150 points and thus the game. Reed was actually the one to find the snitch, which was kind of fun.

Finally it was time for pizza and cake! I was pretty proud of how the cake turned out. We'd used East Coast Mommy's idea (hahahahaha) and made a simple cake with three tall Quidditch hoops sticking out of it and a golden snitch (made out of a ferraro rocher with wings attached) resting on it. It looked awesome. As part of dinner, we had our final class: Divination. Before our guests had arrived, we'd painted the bottom insides of their cups with food coloring. We covered the coloring in ice. Then, we had them each hold their cup while I poured in Sprite. The Sprite hit the hidden food coloring and changed color, predicting their futures! That was pretty fun.

After we ate, we took a trip to Honeyduke's Sweet Shop. Luckily for us, Reed's party came right after the Halloween clearance had hit the stores. We got a lot of the candy for his party on clearance. For Honeyduke's, we had Fizzing Whizbees (pop rocks--a huge crowd favorite), Mad-Eye Moody's Eyes (eye ball gum), Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Golden Snitches (Ferraro Rocher with wings attached), Sour Slugs (sour gummy worms), Licorice Wands (licorice dipped in chocolate and sprinkles), and Chocolate Frogs. The kids looooooved shopping at Honeyduke's. They couldn't get enough of the fizzing whizbees.

And just like that it was present time (Reed got some really fun gifts) and then parents started to arrive! Reed had a great time at his party and I'm really glad he has such great friends to share it with!

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