Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Anniversary Trip: Cruise Days 1-2 (At sea)

The day before we were supposed to leave on our cruise, we got a call from the cruise line telling us we could upgrade our room to a room with a window for only $100. We didn't think about that long. Usually we are pretty thrifty--but during our first cruise, we'd learned that paying a little extra for a better room was well worth the cost. On our first cruise, we were in a tiny inside cabin with bunk beds, zero space, and no window. When we checked into our room this time (2-222, which was kind of fun), we were in a room with a King-sized bed, a couch/lounge area, and a decent-sized window! The difference was amazing. On our first cruise we spent literally as much time away from our room as possible, essentially only stopping in to sleep; but on this cruise, we spent good chunks of our time aboard relaxing in our room, watching movies or reading. So that is one of my biggest cruise recommendations: get a decent room. You won't be sad you did.

Back to the first day of the cruise. We woke up somewhere on the Florida coast and had a few hours to kill. So we went to a donut shop (my favorite treat), then to Target--of course. We have a running joke that it's not a date unless we go to Target. And it's not so much a joke as a truth. We did some other shopping, then decided to head down the coast. We got to the cruise terminal well ahead of our check-in time, but decided to jump in line anyway. Check-in took a while, but finally we were walking across the gangway to the boat, woot woot! We stopped in at our room to drop off our backpacks then headed straight for the buffet (holla!) to start the week-long feast that awaited us. 

We spent the rest of the day 'splorin the boat, swimming, chilling in our room, eating soft serve, and awaiting pulling out into the ocean. We did take some time to give our sweethearts one last call before we were inaccessible for a week. As it turned out, they were at McDonald's in between soccer games and were super distracted, but at least we got to say goodbye!

Once we were underway, we enjoyed a ridiculous sunset and quite possibly went to a show. And that was day one.

Day two was pretty similar to day one--but we were on the boat for the FULL DAY. Happily, we hadn't explored the majority of the ship yet, so we had plenty to do. We started with brunch, which is always a good way to start a day. We met a young couple and two single girls who were sitting at our table who were super nice and who we ran into throughout the week on the ship. We also met Kimberly, who was sitting at our table as well. She was a character and spent the brunch alternately pouring juice and wine into the water bottle she'd brought with her.

After brunch, we decided to check out the ship. We played miniature golf--I was winning but then shot myself in the foot (not literally) on the last hole, giving Ryan the victory. We found the library and played a few rounds of Battleship and Jenga. We hung out in our room and watched a movie (that window! It made such a difference). We lounged on the Serenity Deck and alternated reading and playing ping pong. We swam. We ate more food, of course. Our boat had a lot of fantastic food. Our favorite's were Guy Fieri's burger place, the pizza place, and the fish n' chips. Yum. We also frequented the soft serve machines.

One thing we noticed as we explored was that our ship this time around did not seem nearly as our ship had during our first cruise. We were not sad about that.

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