Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Day

I knew I'd make it to the actual Christmas post eventually!

We told the kids they could get up at 7 on Christmas (which felt like 6 to their bodies), and they were knocking on our door at 7 on the dot. We first paid a visit to the upstairs tree to see how could find the Christmas pickle. Aside: the Christmas pickle is an ornament we found at the Dollar Tree. According to DT, in Germany a tradition is to hide a pickle on the tree and whoever finds the pickle gets to open the first gift. We mostly thought the pickle was hilarious but we went with it. Anyway, Reed was the one to find the pickle, so he got to go through his stocking before anyone else. Well done, Reed.

After that, we went in age order. I don't know how else to describe Christmas morning except joy-filled. The kids were pumped about every present they got. They were super sweet as they watched Ryan open the calendar they made (it's a tradition) and as they watched me open the shoes they picked out and the cute and thoughtful printable Ryan made that they weighed in on.

Here were the stars of the day...
Lila: Peppa Pig Playhouse (she opened it and yelled, "IT'S JUST WHAT I WANTED!!!), super soft sleeping bag, quik sticks (another new thing that has quickly become a favorite), pack n play for her babies
Asher: Etch-a-sketch (from Santa), lego 3-in-1 seasonal house, stick bots, plus plus (a tiny building toy),
Reed: Game of Life, lego Technic set, plus plus (they didn't know about plus plus before Christmas but it's become a fast favorite), ant farm

After the present mania, we had a nice brunch, then got ready for church! My parents' ward put on a beautiful music-and-scripture-filled program. I really loved having Christmas on a Sunday this year--it was the perfect way for us to bring Christ into our day!

And after church, we went to Grandma's to enjoy our presents. We have a rule that we don't open anything with a bunch of small pieces while we are out of town--which makes the boys moan and groan without fail--but we did have plenty of other presents to try out. The boys and I made a few Stik Bot videos together, which turned out really cool. We all played a round of the Game of Life and Headbanz. Asher drew on his etch-a-sketch. The kids tried out their new super soft sleeping bags from Grandma. It started SNOWING in the afternoon (nothing stuck, unfortunately). And that night, we went out one last time to see Christmas lights.

It was such a relaxing and beautiful day!

Backing up a bit...
On Christmas Eve, the kids exchanged the secret person presents. Lila was the only person who didn't know who their secret person was haha--the boys quickly used logic to figure out who everyone had! Anyway, Lila chose a really awesome Nerf gun for Reed. The week before Christmas (which was almost two weeks after we bought the gun), Lila was looking through the Target Christmas catalog in the car. She saw the gun and immediately slapped her hand down over it and wouldn't let Reed look at it! Every time someone pulled out the magazine, she'd cover up that picture. Honestly, I didn't know she even remembered what she bought for him! It was so cute.

Reed got Asher. He'd been really hoping to get Asher since he'd had Lila for the previous two years. Anyway, he knew immediately what he wanted to get for Asher: a puzzle. As luck would have it, Kohl's was having a crazy sale and I had Kohl's cash so he was able to get Asher not one but FOUR puzzles. He wrote the cutest note to Asher saying he'd chosen a puzzle because he knew how much Asher liked puzzles. Then he led Asher on a hunt (using a map he had me draw of the house) that ended at another little present--Asher's own pack of gum! Reed got several packs of gum for his birthday from friends and Asher has been kind of jealous. Now he has his own stash!

And Asher got Lila. On black Friday while we were out shopping, I got to sneak off with Asher for a bit to look for a gift. He chose slippers (Lila loves slippers and her current slippers were falling apart) and a set of wooden Troll puzzles. She has been wearing the slippers pretty much every day. I love how thoughtful they all were with their gifts!

 Their faces in these next few pictures kill me! Also, side note: Asher had one of his throwing up episodes the first night we were in St. George. While Ryan, Reed, and Lila went out the next morning, we stayed home to rest. We also created that fantastic Merry Christmas sign with Mandi's help, as well as a sleigh for Lila the red-nosed reindeer to use in the recital. Asher was very proud of the sign!

Soooo blurry, but look how pumped she is on her baby bed!

Lila made this cute ornament at school.

Ryan is the cutest! He made me this sign. The lyrics of our favorite Jimmy Eat World songs say, "Can you still feel the butterflies?" He designed this for me. I got him a knockoff Thrifty ice cream scoop

I included this picture mainly because it shows the mess haha!

 The kids saw this chocolate coal and just HAD to get it for Ryan's stocking. They thought it was pretty hilarious!

Ellie found a treat!

I'm SO artistic. This actually happened on accident and I thought it looked cool/..

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