Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmastime is Heeeeeere Part 5

This is the absolute last Christmas post before I actually post Christmas. High Five!

1. Las Vegas Bowl
For Christmas a few years ago, we gave my dad tickets to the Las Vegas Bowl. Ryan unselfishly volunteered to go with him :) Ryan hasn't been to the Las Vegas Bowl since, and he's been wanting to take the boys to a football game at Sam Boyd Stadium for a while--so when he found out he could get tickets to the bowl game for literally $7 each, going to the game just seemed right! My dad drove down for the afternoon to go to the game with them. Both boys took a book just in case they got bored but, to Ryan's delight, the books stayed closed on the bench. They chose to cheer for San Diego, and San Diego ended up winning, so that was exciting. 

After the game, they found out they could take their tickets to Church's Chicken for free chicken, so that is exactly what they did! And after the kids ate, we took them to a friend's house while we went to an ugly sweater party! Ryan and I had so much fun at the party. We ate really good food, chatted with some of our favorite people, and played a few truly hilarious minute to win it games. We had the best time.

Before the game, Ryan took the kids out for Christmas donuts. I have no idea where I was haha! I know I had somewhere I had to be...

2. Lights
I didn't really realize this in years past, but Ryan loves Christmas lights. I knew he liked them, but I didn't know how much he loved them. Anyway, we went to look at lights a few different times and got to see some really amazing lights. One of our favorites was a house not too far from us that has lights coordinated with song. The kids literally asked if we could go back to this house every time we were in the car at night haha!

One of our new favorites was the Ethel M Cactus garden lights. Full disclosure: the kids were being huge stinkers in the car and by the time we got to Ethel M's (after a few other light stops) I had had it. We were three steps into the garden and I almost sent everyone back to the car. Thankfully, we turned the night around after that and were able to enjoy our night! 

Other light highlights were the Sam's Town Mystic Garden and Laser Show and Quiver Point (a neighborhood in Henderson). In Quiver Point, almost every house had lights! And many of them had cute painted wood cutouts of cartoon characters. Around the corner from the light street was a house that had lights coordinated to music. A family sitting outside watching the lights approached our window to hand us a bag with hot chocolate, treats, and a message from their church, wishing us a Merry Christmas! 
 This is the awesome house by our house :)

 Quiver Point

 Ethel M

Ethel M

 "Shining the lights" When I was little, I used to squint my eyes at the street lights. One time my dad asked what I was doing and I told him I was "shining the lights." I thought that when I squinted at the lights I made them shinier as we passed! (Really, my partially closed eyes made the lights looked they had rays shooting out). We've told the kids about this story a few times and Lila has started shining the lights when we are out!

 Sam's Town

Sam's Town

Sam's Town

3. Santa
I haven't made much of an effort to see Santa in the past few years because none of the kids cared about seeing him--at all. But this year, Lila had a burning desire to see Santa. Like she realllllly wanted to see him. So when the kids were on winter break, we saw Santa! The boys were apathetic. Lila was excited, until she got to Santa. She wasn't scared or anything and actually smiled for the picture, but she didn't talk to him at all! Perhaps she was a little star struck.

4. Hanukkah & Kwanzaa
Last year we started a tradition of having a Hanukkah night for FHE. This year, we added in Kwanzaa since Reed had learned about Kwanzaa in school and could teach us about it. We learned about both the holidays--how they originated, what they celebrate, etc.--then played dreidel! We had so much fun playing dreidel that when we babysat friends a few days later, the kids pulled out the dreidels again to teach their friends how to play.

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