Monday, January 23, 2017

Jesus Wants Her for a SUNNNNNNBEAM!

Lila got to graduate from nursery and move on in to primary this year! She has been so super excited to move to primary, which I think is mainly due to the fact that Reed, Asher, and I are all in primary. I was a little worried that she would be okay with primary for the first week, but then be bummed that she was missing out on toys and snacks; but she hasn't mentioned missing nursery once. She does still say hi to Bro. Cooke, her nursery teacher, every week, and at scouts the other night she ran up to him and gave him a great big squeeze.

Lila is very outgoing and loves to participate. She surprised me more than anyone when she remembered the word "consequences" from one sharing time to another sharing time two weeks later. (I taught both times and, during the review from the previous lesson, I asked who could remember our big word--she yelled it out right away.) She loves her teachers, Bro. and Sis. Austin, and has a primary class full of her friends. She already got to celebrate her birthday in primary and was over the moon about the CTR ring she got to pick out and has worn the ring to church every week since. We sure love our sunbeam!

This one was her pose idea :)

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