Friday, January 27, 2017

Lila's Babies Take a Trip

During our Christmas trip to St. George, Lila was appalled that we didn't have kid-sized suitcases for her and the boys to use. We've never had kid-sized suitcases, so I'm not sure what made her think of this. But anyway, her new burning desire was to have her own suitcase. It was too late to ask for a suitcase for Christmas, so she decided that she most definitely wanted a suitcase for her birthday.

Well, I was already done birthday shopping. And suitcases aren't super cheap. I was leaning on the hope that a grandma might come through. Luckily for Lila, Grandma and Grandpa Hambly gave her a gift card for her birthday--they know she loves to shop. When we told her she could use the gift card for a suitcase, she was ecstatic. We immediately went online to peruse our options and, when we found a purple suitcase, we knew we had a winner. (Lila also was happy that she had enough leftover on her gift card to buy a NEW DOLL. In other words, a best friend for Olivia. She chose the doll with red hair and glasses and named her Megan :)

We had to order the suitcase online. Lila was very antsy waiting for the suitcase to come in and asked every day if it were going to be here. Finally (three days later), it came and Ryan picked it up from the store when it came in. He walked in the door from work and, when he told Lila he had something for her in the box he was holding, she just about tackled him to get to it! When she saw her suitcase she was over the moon excited. She tackled Ryan again, yelling, "THANK YOU DADDY!!!!!!!" and proceeded to wheel her suitcase around the house. Twenty minutes later she bear-hugged him again, yelling thank yous. That night she made a "hotel" on the couch and pulled the suitcase up with her and a pillow (her bed).

The day after the suitcase came, I helped Lila pack up a pair of jammies for each baby in the suitcase. Then we got each baby situated in a stroller, changed diapers, took some babies to the play potty, fed everyone, and boarded the space pod! At first, we were going to pretend the space pod was taking Lila and her babies up to her room, then really walk up to her room for her nap. But then she asked if she could sleep in the space pod--and I agreed. Her entire life was made. We changed everyone into their jammies, packed their clothes back into the suitcase, and read a story. Then, cuddling with all her babies, she actually went to sleep.

Ryan commented that he doesn't think he's ever been as excited about anything in his whole life as Lila is about her suitcase. If there's one thing this girl knows, it's how to emote.

L to R: Crazy Hair Day (that is literally what we call her), Tiny Baby, Megan, Bitty Baby, and Olivia

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