Friday, January 13, 2017

Snow Day

Ryan requested a few extra days off after Christmas so we would have time to play as a five family! One of the fun things we did was to go to Mt. Charleston for a snow day!

We took quite a while to get out of the house. And, of course, once we were out of the house we had to stop at Goodwill to seek out snow pants (or at least waterproof pants) for the kids. We found a size 3T pair that fit Lila, Asher wore the 3T pair we already had (that fit more like 4T--they were kind of short and pretty tight, but he stayed dry!), and Reed had to settle with the waterproof-ish athletic pants we found. And we were finally off!

Mt. Charleston was packed! We almost stopped at the first parking lot we saw, but decided to try our luck a little farther. We passed tons of cars parked on the very narrow shoulder and tons of people having fun. We also passed a car getting towed out of it's spot because it couldn't reverse on it's own. After about 20 very slow-going minutes, we were stopped. And a ton of cars in front of us were turning around. We weren't sure why, but the other cars didn't bode well--so we turned around, too. And ended up back at that first parking lot.

We were finally there! In the snow! After getting everyone properly attired, we carefully walked through the icy parking lot and headed to the hill. As it turned out, that particular hill was perfect for us. It wasn't too high but was at a decent incline so the sleds went really fast. We went down the hill multiple times in a variety of person combinations before deciding to try another hill near us. This hill had a "jump" of sorts where someone had piled snow up over a root that was protruding from the ground. The jump was AWESOME. And I'm not even a thrill seeker. You had to aim just right to hit it, but when you did, you caught a bit of air, which was really exciting.

After several trips down the hill, we decided to attempt a snowman! The snow wasn't packing super well, but eventually we ended up with the most adorable little snowman. We used Ryan's broken belt (it broke while we were sledding) as a scarf haha. By our snowman site was a tiny, very gently sloped hill that all the kids wanted to attempt alone. The hill itself wasn't super exciting, but I think they were mostly pumped to go down alone.

We had so much fun in the snow--but I'm sure glad we don't live in it!

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