Friday, February 3, 2017

Anniversary Trip: Cruise Day 7-8 (At Sea and in Florida!)

 The last day of our cruise was a "fun day at sea" (per Carnival). The day would have been a little more fun if it weren't for the roughest ocean we'd seen so far. The captain said there were 10-12 foot swells, which I could definitely feel. I didn't want to spend the day doing nothing, though, so we made the best of it. One of the really fun things we did was play volleyball! We were joined partway through our pepper by the couple we'd met at the first brunch. We played boys vs. girls and had a hilarious time, especially with the crazy waves moving the boat everywhere! We also made our way back to the library for more rounds of Jenga and Battleship, and managed to watch two movies--one in our amazing room and one on the Lido deck on the big screen. We did more swimming, went down the water slide, enjoyed the "wave pool" again, read on the Serenity deck, learned how to fold a towel animal, and ate lots and lots of food. That night, we were a little bummed that the performers couldn't put on their show--the ocean was too rough for them to dance safely. Instead, they sat on stools and sang all the songs. Even without the dancing the show was a lot of fun and I'm glad we went. Ryan enjoyed his last soft serve of the trip, and we went to bed!

On Saturday, we had breakfast and it was time to get off the ship! Debarkation went pretty smoothly, and we got to the rental car place easily, and then we had to wait. For literally an hour and half. Because the rental car place had NO CARS! There were so many people waiting and we were lucky to be near the front of the "line." We were about ready to cancel the rental and figure something else out when mercifully we got a car. We found a mall where we could kill some time, but the mall wasn't really our jam (it was high end and we aren't really high end) so we found a movie theater instead. We saw the movie Deepwater Horizon, which had us both bawling. It was soooooo good. After the movie, we ate, then found a Target (of course). This Target was having some crazy clearance action going on and we somehow managed to stuff a pair of shoes for Reed, a pair of shoes for Lila, a dress and shirt for me, and 3-4 shirts for the boys into our full suitcases. And then it was time to go home! We were met at the airport by Ryan's dad. We stayed up talking and having a great time hearing about their week and telling about our week until I was so deliriously tired that my head was feeling too heavy for my body. And finally we collapsed into bed. The next morning we got to see our sweethearts and hear all about their fun with Grandma and Grandpa. 

We had such a great time on our trip. Having a solid 10 days with just the two of us was amazing. I'm so glad we turned our dream into a reality!

I made an elephant!

Last soft serve of the trip!

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