Wednesday, March 29, 2017

This Morning + Other Random Recollections

1, Lila wanted to be wrapped up like a burrito. I wrapped a giant burrito baby, then Reed went and laid next to her with their heads touching and wrapped his leg around her. They reminded me so much of tiny Reed and Lila--when she actually was a burrito baby and when he would lay next to her with their heads touching.

2. Reed was Lila's doggie and gave her a horseback (dogback?) ride to "grandma's house." Asher tried to be Lila's dog but collapsed under her weight. Lila tried to be Asher's dog but was laughing too hard to go anywhere.

3. The game evolved to where Lila became the doggie and the boys were to doggie catchers. They'd send her to my room to wait with me, then tell her to come. As she ran down the hall, they'd jump out from their hiding spots (once in the game closet, once with Asher on the stairs and Reed in the laundry room) and throw their blankets over her, then "gently" tackle her to the ground. They already have plans to continue the game after school.

4. Asher's homework is checked each Friday. Today is Wednesday. He was worried because we hadn't filled out his reading log and I hadn't signed the line that said he did his Lexia. I tried to ease his mind and explained about the Friday homework check thing, but he was so worried that when we got to school we pulled out his folder and filled out the information. He wants to follow the rules and gets upset if he doesn't, which is something that is both endearing and maddening. I am proud of him, though, for being so conscientious about his homework.

5. Another thing Asher is dilligent about is combing his hair. Whereas Reed hardly ever combs his hair--especially since cutting it--Asher combs his immediately after his shower and every morning before school without being reminded. Luckily, Reed's hair almost always looks fine and lays nice. Asher has a patch in the back that always wants to stand up--which has been the case since birth! Yesterday (not this morning, as the title implies), Asher FORGOT to comb his hair. But, wonder of wonders, HIS HAIR WAS LAYING FLAT. Good thing, too, because he was really worried when he realized in the car that he hadn't combed his hair. Miracles never cease. He decided that the flat hair phenomenon was due to his combing his hair twice the night before.

6. The boys and I have been listening to Harry Potter every night. We are on book 5--a first for both Reed and Asher. Reed had already heard 1-4, and he enjoyed hearing them again, but seeing him hear book five for the first time has been magical (see what I did there?). I read the first three books, but when I had my surgery I was too dizzy to read (sounds weird but it is true. Dang hydrocodone.), so we started listening to the audio versions. And the audio versions are so delightful that we've continued in that vein!

7. Speaking of reading/listening...we used to play legos while we listened, but, after many complaints from Reed that he couldn't fall asleep FOREVER and some googling by me, we've started listening to Harry in bed with the lights off. The time is pleasant and Reed is having a much easier time going to sleep after.

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