Sunday, April 30, 2017

Magic Touch

One of the fun things about being a mom is having the magic touch. Someone gets hurt and a hug from me can magically make them feel better. Because I am THAT awesome, you know?

Well, the other night Reed wasn't feeling well. I gave him some children's tummy medicine and had him go to the bathroom, then had him lay back down in bed. I gave him a book to read and told him to read the book to get himself settled again, then try to fall asleep If he hadn't fallen asleep in 20ish minutes, come in to me.

20 minutes later, Reed came in, detailing the instructions he'd followed and requesting I lay with him. He and I went back to his bed and climbed in. Two things to note. First, Reed doesn't ask me to lay with him very often because he doesn't get sick very often. I do lay with the boys while we read at night, but that's not because they ask haha. Second, when Reed does have me lay with him, usually he wants me to just lay next to him and not put my arm around him or rub his back or really touch him at all. But that night, he wanted to CUDDLE. We cozied up and I rubbed his belly and we laid together until his belly was feeling a lot better and he was mostly asleep (I didn't stay until he was actually asleep because I didn't want to wake him when he left). I tucked him in, turned his favorite songs on, and kissed him good night again.

Nothing made him feel better (medicine, books, bathroom, etc.) except laying with his mom. It's good to be needed.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017

We spent the week before Easter studying the Holy Week (with the help of lessons and printables from the Small Seed). I've never studied the Holy Week daily like that in the week leading up to Easter, and I loved it. Each night, we'd sing a song, have a prayer, then tell the story of what happened in Christ's life on that day. On Palm Sunday, we waved craft paper palm leaves and the kids pretended to be the donkey that Christ rode through the crowd on. One night we acted out parables Christ taught (this was a favorite with the kids). When we learned about the last supper, we had our own Jerusalem Dinner. We watched some of the bible videos. The kids weren't perfect, but overall they were so good at listening and participating and it was just a great way to spend our week.

On the day before Easter, Ryan DIDN'T HAVE TO WORK. Even though the deadline for taxes was on Monday. His firm made a huge push the weekend and week before and we were so pumped to have him home. We went out for donuts to celebrate, then went shopping for some new work clothes. We got 3 pairs of socks and 5 new shirts for $60 (and saved $410!!!). Then we went to Wet n' Wild. We've never had passes so early in the season, and found that the water is a little cold but it was still fun--especially since we didn't feel like we needed to "get good use" out of our passes since we'll have them for two months longer than we did last year. 

After lunch, Kayla and Ben showed up! We spent the afternoon playing with Ellie and dying eggs, then got to have our weekly Easter lesson with them followed by a trip to Checkers. Ryan picked my parents up from the airport (they had been in the UK for a week!), and we all chatted a bit before going to bed.

The kids woke up to Easter eggs and were so pumped. Some eggs had candy, some had legos, and some had money--all three were popular finds. Reed found the golden egg and scored a $5 bill. After hunting and eating a huge breakfast, we played with our new Easter stuff, played four-square, then got ready for church.

The Easter program was beautiful. Music is one of the main ways I feel the spirit, so I was happy to worship through song. Primary was a little less beautiful. We were short-handed, so I spent the first half of primary finding subs--then I spent the second half of primary being the chorister. Senior primary went about the same! But, I can't complain, because at the end of each singing time we sang the second verse of "On a Golden Springtime" in whispers. This happened on accident in junior primary because of a lucky roll of our singing time dice--but it was so special in junior that I made sure it happened in senior. When we finished singing, the room was silent. It truly felt like a sacred moment and I bore my testimony to the kids about the reality of the Resurrection. I feel so blessed to be a part of these kinds of moments in primary and can't imagine the spirit being stronger in any other part of the building.

After church, we cooked, then feasted, then bid our guests farewell. Our five family was pretty exhausted from all the excitement (and cooking!), so we collapsed on the couch and watched our family show, Master Chef. Then we were still exhausted haha so we watched the Amazing Race! We ended our day with our last Easter lesson--the Resurrection. Once again, I felt so blessed--this time to be surrounded by my family, learning about Christ, and knowing that he loves us all so much. 

I felt like Easter was extra special this year, and I think that's because we focused on Christ all week long. I feel like I understand the Atonement a little better now and I hope my kids do, too. Honestly, it's a little incomprehensible that Christ could love us so much to bear so great a burden and so brutal a sacrifice. But I'm infinitely grateful that he did. And does.

Lila conked out during Master Chef. She was worn out from the day!

Easter Girl

Ryan and I must have mentioned the phrase "Easter dress" more than we realized in the weeks leading up to Easter, because when Lila and I went to pick out her clothes for her preschool Easter egg hunt, she was convinced she needed to wear an Easter dress because they were having an Easter hunt. She picked out this dress to wear because the dots looked like Easter eggs. Then we decided to do "horns" in her hair because the buns look like Easter eggs. We adorned her horns with white bows (white like eggs, of course). And she topped the look off with her silver shoes, because the beads on the shoes apparently look like Easter eggs.

She was so pumped about her outfit and you could tell she felt really cute, so we took pictures, of course. And, wearing her Easter outfit, she had a great time at her class Easter egg hunt. I talked to her beforehand about helping the other kids if they weren't finding very many eggs and I was so happy when she told me after school that Ashya had an empty basket, so Lila helped Ashya look for eggs. Good work baby girl.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bus Breath + Focusing on the Good

Here's the truth: Today was really good until it wasn't. I'm not sure exactly what flipped the switch--I think it was a combination of Reed refusing to believe me when I told him a "blind turn" from Cider Springs onto Veneroso (two streets in our neighborhood) was NOT safe, especially when racing...and persisting in this disbelief even when I literally showed him physically how a car COULDN'T SEE HIM; and the nightly torture we like to call "dinner," wherein every child of mine finds at least one way to tell me how much they dislike whatever I've made for them. Unless it's ramen.

Those were the bad parts. But what about the good parts?

1. After Asher climbed off the bus, he said, "The bus is stinky! It just let out a bunch of bus breath!" Then, when I chuckled at his comment, he asked, "Isn't it called bus breath?"

2. Lila was so groggy after her nap (also #hallelujah that she took a nap, she's not gone to sleep the last two times I put her down for an afternoon nap). She just wanted to cuddle and rock. While I rocked, she peeked up at me and asked, "Will you sing me a song?"

3. The Dadvent today was chalk. I really love drawing with chalk.

4. Re: chalk. Asher wants to be an illustrator when he grows up. He really loves drawing. And I love the things he drew today with the chalk: an Easter bunny, a chick, and a whole garden of flowers.

5. More family history. I'm so excited about the work I'm doing on the Dunk family.

6. A friend asked me to accompany her vocal solo in church on Easter Sunday. The song is "Consider the Lilies" and it is beautiful. After I dropped the kids off at school, I played the song and belted the words--I don't ever sing like that, uninhibited. It was a lot of fun.

7. We read in Mosiah today. I asked the kids what it mean to "listen with your ears AND your hearts." They quickly got the "pay attention" part of the answer, then Reed said "and like actually DO what you hear." I asked them what they'd heard at General Conference that we could actually do. Lila (unprompted) said, "Preach the gospel!" Reed talked about Pres. Monson's talk about why we should read the Book of Mormon. And Asher said, "Keep the commandments." It always makes me happy when it turns out that they really are listening and maybe I'm doing okay.

8. Lila, without any prompting from anyone, started standing up on her pedals while she's riding her bike. She is SO proud of herself for having yet another trick.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A crush, curly shirley, and family history

1. This morning while we were waiting for the school bell to ring, Nyla--a girl in Asher's class--came up to us and told us that Zaiden (another girl in class) has a CRUSH on Asher. Asher kind of hid behind me and when I turned to him to ask him something he started crying and said, "Don't talk about it!" I asked him about it tonight and I think he's a little embarrassed. Kindergarten is kind of young to be having crushes though, right?! Or to even know what a crush is?

2. I found foam curlers at the dollar store yesterday, so of course those came home with us. We put them in Lila's hair last night and this morning she had CURLS. Yes, capitalized. She was super pumped and kept swinging her head a bit side to side so she could feel her curls hit her face. She also liked pulling the curls out, then releasing them and saying, "Boing!" Lila naturally kind of prances instead of walking, so her curly shirleys were bouncing all day.

3. I go through spurts with family history and right now is a full-force spurt--which has everything to do with conference last week. I've made a goal to have a regular family history day (Wednesday) and to commit to working on family history that day while Lila is at school. Today is, in fact, Tuesday, and usually Tuesday is shopping/errands day, but I was hanging out at the house today waiting for the A/C maintenance tech, so it seemed like as good a time as any to work on my family history. I'm working on the Dunk family right now (my fourth great grandparents). I've found their children and am working on finding records of deaths. And I am SO CLOSE on their parents (my fifth great grandparents). I actually think I have all the information but I am nervous to bite the bullet and add it. What if I'm wrong? I'm fairly certain, particularly on the paternal side, but it's hard being the one who makes the decision. I'm hoping to be guided by the spirit and am really just excited about family history right now.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A nose is a nose

Today was general conference. The kids were really good during the first session--they listened enough that they made a few comments and asked a few questions during conference and that they remembered things later. Anyway, after the first session we decided to go to the park to get out of the house for a while and get a few wiggles out.

So there we are. At the park. The boys have this thing where they love to climb in unconventional ways--like on top of the outside of the tunnel slides. At this particular park, Asher wasn't quite tall enough at the top of the tunnel slide to make it over the slide and onto the playground structure. So I suggested that he and Reed race--he could climb up a regular slide and Reed could climb the outside of the tunnel slide. I yelled, "On your mark, get set, go!" And they went. Asher was off the mark quick and made it to the top first. Reed was almost there and yelled, "Mom!"

"What?" I called back.

"I'm falling!" He cried. I immediately started running to him, hoping to give his foot a boost back onto the slide, but I didn't make it fast enough. He slipped and fell. I didn't see him land, but I got there just as his head jerked to the side from the "aftershock" and his nose hit right into a metal pole. Blood immediately started pouring from his nose. A nearby dad asked if he could help and I sent him to the restroom for toilet paper. A mom brought me a handful of wipes. Another dad brought me a bag of ice. The first dad came back with the toilet paper and helped me hold the ice on Reed's head. People were SO helpful. And poor Reed was a sobbing heap.

Once he'd calmed down enough to move, we made our way back to the car (with me feeling a little bad about the blood I'd tried unsuccessfully to sop up off the ground) and went home. Asher got Lila and her bike back to the car and unlocked the doors. Poor Asher started crying in the car, too, because he was worried about Reed.

After a phone consult with Ryan and further consulting with Dr. Google, we treated him with ice and ibuprofen and an episode of Doug. His nose is swollen and bruised and really tender. He about broke my heart when he came to me 20 minutes after I'd tucked him in, quietly crying because his nose hurt. I sat with him and held and ice pack on until he felt better, then tucked him in again. Poor Reed!

On an unrelated note,we picked up Lila's new allergy medicine at Walgreen's today. The box was purple (her EXTREME favorite color) and she found a penny on the ground. In the car, she told me, "Want to know some good things in my life? MEDICINE and QUARTERS!!!!!!" She thinks she can buy a lot with her one penny.