Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A crush, curly shirley, and family history

1. This morning while we were waiting for the school bell to ring, Nyla--a girl in Asher's class--came up to us and told us that Zaiden (another girl in class) has a CRUSH on Asher. Asher kind of hid behind me and when I turned to him to ask him something he started crying and said, "Don't talk about it!" I asked him about it tonight and I think he's a little embarrassed. Kindergarten is kind of young to be having crushes though, right?! Or to even know what a crush is?

2. I found foam curlers at the dollar store yesterday, so of course those came home with us. We put them in Lila's hair last night and this morning she had CURLS. Yes, capitalized. She was super pumped and kept swinging her head a bit side to side so she could feel her curls hit her face. She also liked pulling the curls out, then releasing them and saying, "Boing!" Lila naturally kind of prances instead of walking, so her curly shirleys were bouncing all day.

3. I go through spurts with family history and right now is a full-force spurt--which has everything to do with conference last week. I've made a goal to have a regular family history day (Wednesday) and to commit to working on family history that day while Lila is at school. Today is, in fact, Tuesday, and usually Tuesday is shopping/errands day, but I was hanging out at the house today waiting for the A/C maintenance tech, so it seemed like as good a time as any to work on my family history. I'm working on the Dunk family right now (my fourth great grandparents). I've found their children and am working on finding records of deaths. And I am SO CLOSE on their parents (my fifth great grandparents). I actually think I have all the information but I am nervous to bite the bullet and add it. What if I'm wrong? I'm fairly certain, particularly on the paternal side, but it's hard being the one who makes the decision. I'm hoping to be guided by the spirit and am really just excited about family history right now.

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