Saturday, April 1, 2017

A nose is a nose

Today was general conference. The kids were really good during the first session--they listened enough that they made a few comments and asked a few questions during conference and that they remembered things later. Anyway, after the first session we decided to go to the park to get out of the house for a while and get a few wiggles out.

So there we are. At the park. The boys have this thing where they love to climb in unconventional ways--like on top of the outside of the tunnel slides. At this particular park, Asher wasn't quite tall enough at the top of the tunnel slide to make it over the slide and onto the playground structure. So I suggested that he and Reed race--he could climb up a regular slide and Reed could climb the outside of the tunnel slide. I yelled, "On your mark, get set, go!" And they went. Asher was off the mark quick and made it to the top first. Reed was almost there and yelled, "Mom!"

"What?" I called back.

"I'm falling!" He cried. I immediately started running to him, hoping to give his foot a boost back onto the slide, but I didn't make it fast enough. He slipped and fell. I didn't see him land, but I got there just as his head jerked to the side from the "aftershock" and his nose hit right into a metal pole. Blood immediately started pouring from his nose. A nearby dad asked if he could help and I sent him to the restroom for toilet paper. A mom brought me a handful of wipes. Another dad brought me a bag of ice. The first dad came back with the toilet paper and helped me hold the ice on Reed's head. People were SO helpful. And poor Reed was a sobbing heap.

Once he'd calmed down enough to move, we made our way back to the car (with me feeling a little bad about the blood I'd tried unsuccessfully to sop up off the ground) and went home. Asher got Lila and her bike back to the car and unlocked the doors. Poor Asher started crying in the car, too, because he was worried about Reed.

After a phone consult with Ryan and further consulting with Dr. Google, we treated him with ice and ibuprofen and an episode of Doug. His nose is swollen and bruised and really tender. He about broke my heart when he came to me 20 minutes after I'd tucked him in, quietly crying because his nose hurt. I sat with him and held and ice pack on until he felt better, then tucked him in again. Poor Reed!

On an unrelated note,we picked up Lila's new allergy medicine at Walgreen's today. The box was purple (her EXTREME favorite color) and she found a penny on the ground. In the car, she told me, "Want to know some good things in my life? MEDICINE and QUARTERS!!!!!!" She thinks she can buy a lot with her one penny.

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