Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bus Breath + Focusing on the Good

Here's the truth: Today was really good until it wasn't. I'm not sure exactly what flipped the switch--I think it was a combination of Reed refusing to believe me when I told him a "blind turn" from Cider Springs onto Veneroso (two streets in our neighborhood) was NOT safe, especially when racing...and persisting in this disbelief even when I literally showed him physically how a car COULDN'T SEE HIM; and the nightly torture we like to call "dinner," wherein every child of mine finds at least one way to tell me how much they dislike whatever I've made for them. Unless it's ramen.

Those were the bad parts. But what about the good parts?

1. After Asher climbed off the bus, he said, "The bus is stinky! It just let out a bunch of bus breath!" Then, when I chuckled at his comment, he asked, "Isn't it called bus breath?"

2. Lila was so groggy after her nap (also #hallelujah that she took a nap, she's not gone to sleep the last two times I put her down for an afternoon nap). She just wanted to cuddle and rock. While I rocked, she peeked up at me and asked, "Will you sing me a song?"

3. The Dadvent today was chalk. I really love drawing with chalk.

4. Re: chalk. Asher wants to be an illustrator when he grows up. He really loves drawing. And I love the things he drew today with the chalk: an Easter bunny, a chick, and a whole garden of flowers.

5. More family history. I'm so excited about the work I'm doing on the Dunk family.

6. A friend asked me to accompany her vocal solo in church on Easter Sunday. The song is "Consider the Lilies" and it is beautiful. After I dropped the kids off at school, I played the song and belted the words--I don't ever sing like that, uninhibited. It was a lot of fun.

7. We read in Mosiah today. I asked the kids what it mean to "listen with your ears AND your hearts." They quickly got the "pay attention" part of the answer, then Reed said "and like actually DO what you hear." I asked them what they'd heard at General Conference that we could actually do. Lila (unprompted) said, "Preach the gospel!" Reed talked about Pres. Monson's talk about why we should read the Book of Mormon. And Asher said, "Keep the commandments." It always makes me happy when it turns out that they really are listening and maybe I'm doing okay.

8. Lila, without any prompting from anyone, started standing up on her pedals while she's riding her bike. She is SO proud of herself for having yet another trick.

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Nicolas said...

I love these happy points. They all made me smile. I'm so sorry about the rough stuff. Oddly, it kind of surprised me. I guess in my head I tell myself that I'm the only one with kids who don't always make life easy. Reality check - I guess it happens to all of us. I wish we were neighbors so we could have girl time to rant about hard stuff and then distract ourselves from that same hard stuff. And so we could send our kids to each others' houses when we were just done. Wishful thinking ...