Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter 2017

We spent the week before Easter studying the Holy Week (with the help of lessons and printables from the Small Seed). I've never studied the Holy Week daily like that in the week leading up to Easter, and I loved it. Each night, we'd sing a song, have a prayer, then tell the story of what happened in Christ's life on that day. On Palm Sunday, we waved craft paper palm leaves and the kids pretended to be the donkey that Christ rode through the crowd on. One night we acted out parables Christ taught (this was a favorite with the kids). When we learned about the last supper, we had our own Jerusalem Dinner. We watched some of the bible videos. The kids weren't perfect, but overall they were so good at listening and participating and it was just a great way to spend our week.

On the day before Easter, Ryan DIDN'T HAVE TO WORK. Even though the deadline for taxes was on Monday. His firm made a huge push the weekend and week before and we were so pumped to have him home. We went out for donuts to celebrate, then went shopping for some new work clothes. We got 3 pairs of socks and 5 new shirts for $60 (and saved $410!!!). Then we went to Wet n' Wild. We've never had passes so early in the season, and found that the water is a little cold but it was still fun--especially since we didn't feel like we needed to "get good use" out of our passes since we'll have them for two months longer than we did last year. 

After lunch, Kayla and Ben showed up! We spent the afternoon playing with Ellie and dying eggs, then got to have our weekly Easter lesson with them followed by a trip to Checkers. Ryan picked my parents up from the airport (they had been in the UK for a week!), and we all chatted a bit before going to bed.

The kids woke up to Easter eggs and were so pumped. Some eggs had candy, some had legos, and some had money--all three were popular finds. Reed found the golden egg and scored a $5 bill. After hunting and eating a huge breakfast, we played with our new Easter stuff, played four-square, then got ready for church.

The Easter program was beautiful. Music is one of the main ways I feel the spirit, so I was happy to worship through song. Primary was a little less beautiful. We were short-handed, so I spent the first half of primary finding subs--then I spent the second half of primary being the chorister. Senior primary went about the same! But, I can't complain, because at the end of each singing time we sang the second verse of "On a Golden Springtime" in whispers. This happened on accident in junior primary because of a lucky roll of our singing time dice--but it was so special in junior that I made sure it happened in senior. When we finished singing, the room was silent. It truly felt like a sacred moment and I bore my testimony to the kids about the reality of the Resurrection. I feel so blessed to be a part of these kinds of moments in primary and can't imagine the spirit being stronger in any other part of the building.

After church, we cooked, then feasted, then bid our guests farewell. Our five family was pretty exhausted from all the excitement (and cooking!), so we collapsed on the couch and watched our family show, Master Chef. Then we were still exhausted haha so we watched the Amazing Race! We ended our day with our last Easter lesson--the Resurrection. Once again, I felt so blessed--this time to be surrounded by my family, learning about Christ, and knowing that he loves us all so much. 

I felt like Easter was extra special this year, and I think that's because we focused on Christ all week long. I feel like I understand the Atonement a little better now and I hope my kids do, too. Honestly, it's a little incomprehensible that Christ could love us so much to bear so great a burden and so brutal a sacrifice. But I'm infinitely grateful that he did. And does.

Lila conked out during Master Chef. She was worn out from the day!

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legos in eggs - brilliant. I'm going to have to remember that