Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter Girl

Ryan and I must have mentioned the phrase "Easter dress" more than we realized in the weeks leading up to Easter, because when Lila and I went to pick out her clothes for her preschool Easter egg hunt, she was convinced she needed to wear an Easter dress because they were having an Easter hunt. She picked out this dress to wear because the dots looked like Easter eggs. Then we decided to do "horns" in her hair because the buns look like Easter eggs. We adorned her horns with white bows (white like eggs, of course). And she topped the look off with her silver shoes, because the beads on the shoes apparently look like Easter eggs.

She was so pumped about her outfit and you could tell she felt really cute, so we took pictures, of course. And, wearing her Easter outfit, she had a great time at her class Easter egg hunt. I talked to her beforehand about helping the other kids if they weren't finding very many eggs and I was so happy when she told me after school that Ashya had an empty basket, so Lila helped Ashya look for eggs. Good work baby girl.

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