Sunday, April 30, 2017

Magic Touch

One of the fun things about being a mom is having the magic touch. Someone gets hurt and a hug from me can magically make them feel better. Because I am THAT awesome, you know?

Well, the other night Reed wasn't feeling well. I gave him some children's tummy medicine and had him go to the bathroom, then had him lay back down in bed. I gave him a book to read and told him to read the book to get himself settled again, then try to fall asleep If he hadn't fallen asleep in 20ish minutes, come in to me.

20 minutes later, Reed came in, detailing the instructions he'd followed and requesting I lay with him. He and I went back to his bed and climbed in. Two things to note. First, Reed doesn't ask me to lay with him very often because he doesn't get sick very often. I do lay with the boys while we read at night, but that's not because they ask haha. Second, when Reed does have me lay with him, usually he wants me to just lay next to him and not put my arm around him or rub his back or really touch him at all. But that night, he wanted to CUDDLE. We cozied up and I rubbed his belly and we laid together until his belly was feeling a lot better and he was mostly asleep (I didn't stay until he was actually asleep because I didn't want to wake him when he left). I tucked him in, turned his favorite songs on, and kissed him good night again.

Nothing made him feel better (medicine, books, bathroom, etc.) except laying with his mom. It's good to be needed.

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