Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Easter Pictures {A Tribute to Having a Working Camera Again}

After Reed was born, Ryan made a very convincing case for buying a decent camera to replace our point-and-shoot that was at least five years old. He found a smokin' deal on a refurbished Nikon D40x. We were instantly in love. That Nikon worked beautifully until I dropped it (in my defense, it was in a camera bag that slid off my shoulder when I bent over). But we sent it to Nikon to be repaired and it came back good as new!

But in the fall of last year, our beloved Nikon started having issues. It would sometimes work for a few pictures, but then would put up an error message. And sometimes it wouldn't take pictures at all! We took Reed's baptism pictures for his photo book with my phone. We got 10ish pictures from Reed's baptism day on our Nikon (tender mercy) before the error came up and we had to go back to the phone. Later, Ryan tried to fix the camera using a tutorial online but wasn't successful. I know it's probably kind of silly, but I was really sad about our camera! I love taking pictures of random daily stuff and my phone just isn't as good a tool as our Nikon was.

Anyway, at the beginning of this year, Ryan and I set a goal to pay off debt this year--we had about $1000 on a credit card, about $1800 of student loans, about $7000 of a car loan, and were planning on paying cash for my knee surgery, which would be another $1500 or so. Buying a new camera wasn't in our game plan. But we worked really hard and were able to pay off our credit card, pay down our student loan, and pay for my surgery--then used our tax return to pay off the rest of the student loan. We had more tax refund than we had student loan left, and instead of maybe doing the responsible thing and putting it toward our car loan, we decided to do the fun thing and find another smokin' deal on another Nikon! Throw responsibility to the wind, that's what Ryan and I do. (haha)

The day the Nikon came was super exciting. And I'm making a bigger attempt this time around to read the user's manual and hope to learn to shoot in a mode other than auto :)

Anyway, that was a lot of rambling to say that on Easter morning, we were all looking reallllllll cute and it had been a while since we'd taken any family photos, so we left for church early and had a fun (ha, ask Reed if he thought it was fun) family photo shoot! I love my family so much and love having photos of all of us together.

 She fell. Her face kills me!

 For a minute there we were trying to be a boy band.

 Ben forgot to pack church clothes!

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