Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pinewood Derby

This year was our family's first foray into the world of Pinewood Derby.

Reed was excited, but not crazy into it. He wanted to have a car and he wanted to build a car, but he didn't have strong preferences about any of it. In the end, he chose a simple angled design with rounded corners. He was particular about the colors--he chose neon green and orange--and he was very particular about the lego guy that went on top, inside the bright cockpit. He and Ryan watched a few videos about building fast cars, and took the time to polish and angle the axles, smooth the wheels, and add weights to the top. In the end, he had a pretty sweet car.

Once we passed weigh in (after drilling a few holes in the bottom!) we were ready for race day. Reed's car did well, coming in a very close second on every heat it was in (I think). He didn't make the top four, but he did get 7th place overall for speed! Not too bad for first-timers. He also got an award for "most detail."

We had a fun night and are looking forward to many future Pinewood Derbies.


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