Friday, June 16, 2017



We were in the throes of busy season, which is hard on everyone. We try to spend Saturday afternoons/evenings adventuring so we get in some kind of family activity for the week. This particular week, we decided to take our bikes to Floyd Lamb State Park. Lila had only been riding sans-training wheels for about a month, but other than a few minor falls she did great! 

We rode around all the ponds--there are four--and through the park itself. Ryan and the boys were going to attempt going down a pretty decent dirt/rock hill. After Ryan went on the hill, though, he waved the boys off--and thank goodness, I'm not sure my heart could have survived watching them going down the hill, too!

Lila and I did a little exploring on our own while the boys rode through the dirt for a while. We found a peacock! We'd already seen a few peacocks, but thsi one was extra special because he had his tail feathers extended and spread!

After Floyd Lamb, we decided to drive to the end of Durango. This may sound weird, but we live off Durango wayyyyyyyyyy on the other side of the city, so we thought seeing the end could be cool. And it was because Durango ends at Tule Springs National Monument! At first we were a little hesitant to go explore--about 18 months ago we had stopped at Tule Springs on our way home from Mount Charleston and got stopped by a ranger who told us that the area had only been granted National Monument status a month before and was often still used by people as a shooting range (now illegally). We drove in but heard gunshots almost immediately, so left. This time we were on the back side of Tule Springs. We were very cautious, but saw no signs of anyone around (and there was nowhere to drive in this section of Tule) and heard nothing, so we went for it. The kids climbed around and got fantastically dirty. It was really fun to explore! And we even found a geocache on our way back to the car, so that was awesome.

Next, we drove by Gilcrease Nature Conservatory--which was closed unfortunately--then saw a road that went way out on the mountain that seemed to be calling us to explore it. After a few wrong turns, we found the road and followed it to discover an actual shooting range. We had gone a decent way up the mountain, so we had a fantastic view of the city. Shooting ranges aren't really our jam, so we started back down the mountain. By now, we were hungry, so we stopped at the first place that sounded good: Costco! We feasted on pizza and chicken bakes, then watched the most glorious sunset, ever, as we walked back to our car.

Finally, we decided to make a stop downtown to see the Bellagio Fountains at night--we've never seen them lit up before. It was smooth sailing until we took our exit, at which point we were mostly stopped/kind of crawling for the next 35 minutes! We read our scriptures for the night, though, and listened to some HP and made the best of it. We finally got to parking with just a few minutes before the fountains were going to start and booked it through the hotel. The fountains were super cool to see at night! We swung by the gardens, too, then made our way back home. We were exhausted from the day's adventures but had a great time!

She posed like this and asked me to take a picture!

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