Friday, June 9, 2017

Figh-der Fighter

Lila's preschool class does a monthly family day activity. The activities are always fun (cookie decorating, pie eating, craft day, a farm visit), but last month's was especially fantastic--we went to the fire station! Lila's teacher (whom we love) is Mrs. Cantwell. Mrs. Cantwell's husband is fireman Cantwell, who kindly gave us a tour of the fire station where he works. Fireman Cantwell was super fun with the kids and Lila loved being with all her little school buddies. We got to see everything in the firehouse--the kitchen, the weight room, the theater, and of course, the fire trucks! One interesting tidbit I learned is that the firefighters in a particular firehouse are charged with buying any of the extras at the house--the weights, the exercise equipment, the TV, the armchairs in the theater room. They all chip in their personal money to buy that stuff!

I think Lila's favorite part was possibly spraying the fire hose. She was pretty pumped to wield so much power. She also loved sitting up in the fire truck and getting a badge and fire hat. While we were there, she told me, "Mommy, I want to be a figh-der fighter when I grow up!!!" (Side note, I love the way she says fire fighter)

 Lila is sandwiched between Brooklyn (L) and Maddox (R). Brooklyn is in Ms. Chrisanee's class, but Lila gets to play with her every day at recess. Maddox is one of her favorite friends in her own class. On the end in the red is Keola, another of Lila's favorite buddies in her class. The other kids are in the pm class :)

 Lila and Keola. They posed like this! Future prom picture?

 This truck is their newest. We lvoed watching the ladder go up!

 I loved that they were holding hands!

 Lila in charge of the big rig.

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