Tuesday, June 13, 2017

McKee Ranch

We are going back in time here to Lila's family day at McKee Ranch. Lila was super pumped, especially since Ryan and I were BOTH able to go with her! She was also excited because her class chicks were from McKee Ranch and had been returned to McKee Ranch, so we got to visit old friends.

I was a little surprised when we got to the ranch because there was no one around! We've never been before but apparently you just make yourself right at home. Mrs. Cantwell brought piles of crackers and carrots for the kids to use to feed the various animals around the ranch. Lila was pretty brave with the chickens and fed them as much as they could hold. Then we moved to the horses and she got a little nervous. She was okay with tossing a carrot in to them, but just couldn't quite muster up the courage to let one eat out of her hand. Eventually she tried hand feeding with Ryan holding on to her hand, but went immediately back to tossing--it's much safer.

After we fed the animals, we played on the swingset for a while. Then we bid Lila's class adieu and went out to lunch at Plantone's! Random aside: wayyyyyyy back in January, I was recycling an ad for a new pizza place when I noticed the words "FREE PIZZA" printed in block letters. I pulled that paper right back out of the recycle bin for further inspection and found that if we were one of the first 100 customers at the new pizza place, we'd get a weekly free pizza FOR A YEAR. I decided to case the joint after we dropped the boys off for school to see if it was worth trying for a spot at the first 100 (I drop them off at school at 9 and the grand opening was at 11). There were hardly any people in line, so we went back at about 10 and claimed our spot. I'd had knee surgery 8 days before the grand opening and knew standing for a long time wouldn't be ideal--so I took a chair (and felt like a nerd, no one else had a chair). Lila and I were indeed part of the first 100 customers and scored a free pizza for a year card--and happened to get free early screening tickets to see the Lego Batman Movie, too! We have very much enjoyed our weekly free Plantone's pizza.  

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