Friday, June 9, 2017

Mother's Day

Way back in March, Ryan planned a dental trip to Colorado. The week before his trip, we realized he'd be traveling on Mother's Day weekend, Oops. It was a little late to reschedule, though, so he took Lila for a special Lila and Daddy trip and they had a spectacular time. Meanwhile, the boys and I stayed home and had a pretty nice weekend ourselves! On Friday, I got to go to Mother’s Day tea at school with Asher. The kindergartners sang a few sons, then we got to have lemonade and cookies together! I had so much fun hanging out with my Ashie B. That night, the boys and I watched a movie and had popcorn in my bed. And on Saturday, we got a new fish (Scales Dragon Hambly) to replace our beloved Dexter, then went to Wet N Wild to ride some slides.

On Sunday morning, I was in the bathroom brushing out my hair when the boys came in with a breakfast they’d made all by themselves: eggo waffles topped with strawberries with yogurt on the side. Ryan told me later that when he’d been helping them plan something they could do for me Asher excitedly told him, “I can cut strawberries!” and cut them he did. He’s an excellent strawberry cutter. After breakfast, we played a few games until it was time to get ready for church. I realized that I hadn’t left myself a ton of times to assemble my crockpot dinner, but was saved by the boys who both jumped in to help. They are big enough now that their help is really helpful, if that makes sense. We got our meal assembled, then made it to church right on time.

After church, we were surprised to find Lila and Ryan at home! Apparently Ryan couldn’t sleep, so he left Colorado around 3 a.m. to drive home. Thankfully, Lila slept most of the drive—and Ryan didn’t! We enjoyed our dinner—crockpot lasagna via Mel’s Kitchen CafĂ©, it was divine—then cozied up and watched the amazing race. I also got to open up Mother’s Day presents. The kids all made me cards (including a second visit from the Mother’s Day Black Widow who first came to town last year). And Ryan got me a new (to me) bike (!!!) that rides like a dream and a necklace.

I’m so grateful to be a mom. It’s interesting how in eight short years my life has changed so much—and continues to change as I’m moving into this new phase of motherhood as a mom of all school-age kids. My kids continually surprise and impress me. They make my life so full!

From Asher:

From Reed:

From Lila:

Ryan got me the best gift of all: THE COLDEST GLASS OF WATER, EVER! I loooooooove cold water. He knows me.

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