Friday, June 9, 2017

"Sick" days

The boys and I have been trading around a sickness, but miraculously Lila and Ryan have been spared. I'm the only one with a lingering sore throat and it's alllllmost gone, so I daresay Lila and Ryan are going to escape unscathed. 

Anyway, on Asher's second sick day, he was too sick to go to school (and had this crazy cough that I didn't want to share with all of Kindergarten) but too well to lay down all day. He and Lila went out to water the plants--particularly the sunflower Reed planted in class that is growing like crazy after almost dying after being transplanted--then ended up filling this huge dirt pit with lots and lots of water. They had so much fun and got totally soaked and muddy. I'm not sure why dumping water into a muddy puddle is so delightful, but after trying it out myself I can say that it truly is.

And, on a happy note, Ashie had been scheduled to take his classroom's chicks home for the weekend on a day he ended up staying home sick. His teachers still let us come pick up the chicks, though, and take them home (he was really worried about that). We christened the chicks Yellowest Yellow (Lila's choice), Caramel (Reed's choice), and Blackbeard (Asher's choice). The chicks were adorable and pooped a ton. And we kept them all alive.

The next day was Saturday, and clearly Asher was feeling better because he mustered up the strength to create this glorious chocolate cake with Ryan. He came up with the pose.

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