Friday, June 9, 2017

Super Chaperone

One of the things that I've loved about Lila being in preschool is that it is now soooooooo much easier for me to volunteer at school! All my kids are at the same school, so I don't even have to juggle drop off times. Last year, I traded babysitting with a friend in the ward--she'd watch Asher and Lila one day a week so I could volunteer, then I'd watch her baby one day a week so she could volunteer. It was nice not having to find a babysitter all the time and still being able to go in consistently, but it was hard to have two days every week devoted to helping or babysitting. 

Anyway, I digree. Per usual. This school year I've been able to help weekly in Asher's class, all week long at two of the book fairs, on various PAC projects, and as a CHAPERONE. On field trips. I feel so grown up now. 

Asher and I got to go on his second field trip together (his first field trip came while Ryan and I were in Florida, and Grandma Hambly actually got to chaperone that one!). We went with all the Kindergartners to see "Once on the this Island," a play that the high school near us was putting on. The play was pretty fun, but the mics were a little quiet so it was hard to hear! And, we were running low on they ended the play early! We may never know how it ends haha. Ashie loved having me there and I loved being with him. A few times I had gone to ask other kids to get back in line or whatever and he said, almost immediately, "Will you come stand by me, mom?" YES.

I also got to go on Reed's very first field trip, ever! He didn't go on any field trips in kindergarten, and during his one field trip in first grade he was in Legoland! he was pumped to FINALLY get to go on a field trip. And it was a pretty fun one, too! Every year, the second graders go fishing at Floyd Lamb State Park. This year was his year! They rode buses out to the park, then got to rotate between three stations. Our first station was free time, so we took a walk around the ponds, observed the extremely friendly geese, and found some other wildlife: a few peacocks and a bunny. Our second station was fishing! The coordinator cast (casted?) everyone's lines for them, then we waited. A girl in my group, Cherry, was the only one that day to catch a fish. It was a four-pound catfish and it was super exciting to watch. We wished we could have fished longer! Our third station was a fishing game where the kids got to cast out themselves on the grass, then try to land their "bait" in plastic fishes' pocket mouths. That was pretty fun, too. After we finished our stations, we had lunch, then piled back on the buses. Lunch, I should note, was pretty hilarious because the geese were not shy. They were literally walking right next to us, looking for handouts! Alaina (one of Reed's friends!) was so nervous that she sat between Mrs. Kaufmann and me. The time passed so quickly--we were having so much fun!

I'm now anticipating my next chaperone gig--Reed's field trip to Shark Reef next month!

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