Tuesday, June 13, 2017

They Like to Ride Their Bicycles

The brutal heat of summer is upon us and I'm already wishing for cooler weather. The saddest thing about the beginning of summer, to me, is the end of after-school bike riding. We are on a year-round school schedule, so our mornings are still being spent indoor getting ready for school. We used to ride bikes after school every day, but lately it is just too dang hot to ride bikes! Because riding bikes in 100+ weather is like riding bikes while getting a heat punch to the face.

Anyway, the kids love bikes and, in the run-up to the hot weather, we rode as much as possible. Lila conquered her fear of the ramp, started riding with pegs on her back tires to stand on, rides down our side yard rocks with the boys, and has ridden the 2-mile loop to Forbuss with me a few times. Reed likes to borrow the littler bikes to do wheelies on, but has mastered standing on his crossbar (it's higher than his old one), riding on huge rocks, and riding at super speed. Asher is a daredevil and does all kinds of tricks on his pegs, stands with one foot on his cross bar and one on his handlebars, and is working on riding with no hands. And a plug for me: I've started riding my bike after school with the kids to stretch my knee and, since Ryan got me a new bike for mother's day, I've been riding early for exercise. Ryan comes up with the fun rides, taking us all over on Saturday mornings: to Circle K for drinks, to McDonald's for breakfast, through the railroad tunnel trails, etc. We are a bike family.

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