Friday, June 9, 2017

We got spirit, yeah yeah

As I was thinking about the title for this post (I came up with a clever one, right?) random cheers from high school started popping into my head and I realized I know far too many cheers with the word “spirit” in them, especially for someone who has never been a cheerleader. Now those cheers are running on repeat through my head. So that's fun.  Also, I graduated from high school TWELVE years ago.

Anyway, to the subject matter at hand. We love spirit days ‘round here. And we got lucky, because in May, we had SEVEN spirit days in a two-week period. First was Spirit Week, leading up to the school carnival. Monday was crazy hair day and, happily, I knew about that one in advance AND happen to have an unhealthy relationship with the 99 cent only store. Because guess what I found at the 99? Spray-in hair color! That is a crazy deal, my friends. And, because I’m totally a sucker when my kids ask sincerely and politely without being prompted, I bought 6 colors. Because that was only $6. And you’d better believe that they looked dope on crazy hair day.

Tuesday was blue all over day and Wednesday was “snazzy” day (because of school pictures). We did indeed wear blue, and the boys decided to wear polos as their snazzy clothes--because polos are the epitome of snazzy--but apparently I was not myself and took no photos.

Thursday was twin day. The boys were twins (I love when they want to match) and Lila and I were twins. We looked pretty adorable, I think. Thursday afternoon was let’s-run-to-the-store-and-buy-white-shirts day, because Thursday evening was let’s-make-tie-dye-shirts night. I found a method online that wasn’t too messy, and our shirts turned out sooooooo good. We had a ton of dye, so in addition to dying a shirt for all three kids we dyed a bunch of their jammie shirts, too! Everyone’s favorite part was untwisting the shirts at the end to see how the patterns turned out.  I was actually really impressed with us. And, unbeknownst to me, Ryan snapped a few pictures of me tie-dying with the kids. This is kind of silly probably, but I really love how the one where Asher is showing me how his shirt turned out. They’re always so excited to show me the things they do and I love that they want to share stuff with me.  This is me momming.

On Friday, the kids got to wear their awesome shirts for dress your favorite decade day. I don’t know that the 80s are the kids’ favorite decade, but tie-dye was their favorite dressing up idea. While the boys were at school, Lila and I went on her fire house field trip (more on that later), then came back to school to set up the carnival. And that night, we all got to go celebrate Forbuss’ ten-year-anniversary. We had a great time at the carnival and kind of a grumpy car ride home. After some dinner, though, everyone was in good spirits again.

The next week, we had mustache day. Asher stayed home sick and Lila was on track break, so only Reed dressed up. His original mustache was kind of tickly, so we drew one on instead. And the next day we had Red Nose Day. Asher was sick again, but everyone at least posed for a pictuers.

So yes, the Hamblys have spirit, yes we do. The Hamblys have spirit, how bout; you?

When Lila went to bed, she was clean shaven. Apparently her facial hair grows exceedingly fast.

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