Friday, June 9, 2017

Zafety Zazas, Revisited

Reed went through a phase where he was totally obsessed withscissors and cutting. Thankfully, he never cut anything important. Asher never was too excited about scissors (other than general approval of their existence and his ability to use them) but Lila is now just as over-the-moon about scissors as Reed was.

I’ve let her try using scissors before, but she wasn’t too impressed. Then she cut something out at school and suddenly scissors were her favorite office supply. Now, anytime anything needs to be cut, she’s our go-to go girl. She’s also our go-to girl for things we didn’t realize needed to be cut into tiny pieces—things like granola bar wrappers. One time, while we were watching a movie, Lila (unbeknownst to me)  gathered the wrappers from the kids’ movie snacks and happily cut them apart. I found her scraps when the movie ended. I printed out some cutting “worksheets” after that and she spent a happy hour one day cutting out circles and squares.

To date, Lila has only cut paper (and granola bar wrappers). She is a little scary, though, in that she’s stopped asking me if she can use scissors. She’ll be doing quiet time and come in to show me a shape she’s drawn on a paper and cut out. And I’m all, “Good job…but where did you get the scissors?” I may have to start locking the scissors up.

I took these pictures soon after my new camera arrived. I wanted to try the "action"setting, so I asked Lila to get into action. Here is what we ended up with, silly girl.

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